Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fallen only to rise again

It has been almost a month since we were on stage as part of the dream project.

That night was a lot of fun.

The few weeks after that was a tough road. I had all of a sudden had nothing planned next to work on, no direction or purpose of where I was going and what to do next.

I became so down on myself to the point I felt so defeated I would not be able to pick myself back up. Thankfully to my husband Edward Elliott who spent countless hours talking to me and trying to help me pick back up and believe in myself and my direction, I started back on my journey. Ed had talked me about doing session with a women we had known from Dream Fridays, Sandhan from Australia who has been helping people with understanding themselves and there believes. http://sandhaninc.com/work-with-sandhan/feelings-buried-alive-never-die/

I did fight the idea at first but I knew I needed to do something to get myself going again. I spent a few hours with her on a Wednesday and wow I felt so great after learning why I was holding on to beliefs and what they were trying to teach me and being able to let go of those that were not helping me.

I am so thankful for having been through that proses and I look forward to doing more and learning much more from Sandhan. http://sandhaninc.com/ I realized that I do have the answers within me and do not need to learn from other coaches and books. After all we have learned from many great people and read many many great books that have helped us along this journey. The challenge for me was that I was not taking the action I needed to take from all that I learned. It's the fears that were coming up and they still do but I am so thankful I have someone I can share and talk them out loud with.

Do you let fear get in your way? I am reminded from a great mentor "Robin Sharma" said...On the other side of your fear lies your freedom. I try to remind myself of that daily.

I have learned that Planning is key and to work hard everyday in the direction I wish to go. Accomplish the tough things first in my day so the rest of the day flows much better.

It is wonderful having everyone from the TSA and others who share what they have learned. I have learned a lot from everyone and has added great blessings and value to our life's. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Love Ya

Now I am on a direction with my weight loss, thanks to a great company that is helping me lose weight and create balance in my eating, which I love. As a family we are starting to create opportunities to exercise together. I have family going to join me on the journey as well. ya

Stay tuned to my next update on our homeschooling journey.

Love Always
Julie Elliott