Thursday, July 29, 2010

The challange and power of Change

WOW two months have know gone by since Ed and I started the Dream Project.

I have a confession to make on my weight loss goal. I have not done as great as I had planned. I have lost 5 pounds which I am happy with but I know I can do so much better.

Do you ever start off on fire and focused and ready but then after some time you lose you momentum? That is me. I think with all the change we have been facing and have had to think about I have let my emotions take over and I became to consumed with everything.

I will say that with all the changes I have gone through a mental and spiritual cleanse looking back over my life and who I really am. Since my husband started a company I became Ed's wife instead of Julie the real me. I have had to ask myself this question this week who am I really. I have taken on just being Ed's wife and having the label of his company, that I have let that be who I am. I am able to let go of that know and move forward and we are able to work together on many things which is very exciting as some of you have heard.

I have had a dream since I was in my late teen early adult to inspire others and to learn to love who they are. I feel God telling me over and over again the words (it's time)

I have felt God saying to me and showing me that, that is not me and there is more to Julie than that and I can go out there and make a difference and do amazing things. Joining the dream project and doing the videos have really opened my eyes to the possibilities out there and from so many great people like Susan Davis, Debbie Stevens and so many other amazing people who have been really helping me along this journey I am on.

Tonight Susan Davis has a very important question from her video: What are you willing to do to get what you want?

I have been thinking about that ever since: What am I willing to do?

1. Eat Healthy and stick to my plan
2. Get up early and get my workout in no matter what
3. Spend time in Prayer, reading, journaling, meditation and affirmations daily.
4. Video every other day while doing my workouts on things that inspire me.
5. Face my fears (run to them)

Thanks to the great work that Bill Phillips does on Transformation and all the amazing lessons I have been doing the past few weeks has really opened my eyes to what is really going on inside of me. It's truly amazing the things you learn about yourself as you peel away the layers of emotions within and how much easier eating healthier becomes and your workouts become fun and you begin to enjoy them more.

I promise to work hard and move forward no matter what.

Check out a video I did with our daughter Abbie.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you ready to take a stand?

This past week has been exciting, challenging, emotional, and an amazing blessing. We are constantly going through changes in our life. Some we embrace with open arms and others we really struggle to get through.

Today a great friend Susan Davis from the TSA group shared her video with me today that was a blessing and an inspiration to me. As well as Avram Gonzales who both shared there dreams and there thoughts on life and where they have been and where they are going. Susan Davis

What greater service then to share your story and to know that, that may touch someones life, help someone and help them take there life to the next level. I am humbled and in awe today reflecting back on my life on how lucky we are and blessed we are to have to many great people in our life that support us and help us grow and continue to move forward in our journey. I was in tears listening to both of there post today.

Today Susan Davis shared with me a great song by Eminem called Not afraid. He talks about talking a stand and take my hand will walk this road together. His song really spoke to me as well, am I ready....Will I take the stand....and work together.


After going through this week and have seen so many amazing signs in the past two weeks and prayers have been answered it is a resounding YES.

I believe we were all called to walk this earth in greatness and to walk this earth with the amazing gifts God has given to us. We must let our light shine and help others do the same. One of our good Friends Chris Marsh shared today about everything we need is already inside of each one of us. we must believe it with our whole heart and soul.

Are you ready to leave the past?
Are you ready to move forward?
Are you ready to take a stand?
Come take our Hand and will walk this road together.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I hope that everyone has enjoyed there great weekend, for all of us Canadians celebrating Canada day and all our American friends celebrating July 4th Independence day.

I have had a great weekend but a little to much fun of the food area, so much so my sugar level has gone off the charts and I am unable to eat any Carbs or sugar at all. I should not eat most of it as I have a sensitivity to wheat and I think Gluten as well. Most times I buy the products with out that. Over the past 4 days we have been out at BBQ's and Baseball games and yes I was eating the crap....... Why do I do that? Well I know why. Lack of planning.

I have learned how very important it is to plan ahead and make sure I have healthy choices like fruits and protein bars to come with me just in case, even better would be to eat ahead so I am not hungry.

My workouts have been sliding since my other ankle is messed up, I think it has something to do with my sugar being high. I have been doing a far amount of walking and swimming so I am not doing nothing and my weight has stayed the same (thank Goodness).

Tonight I started the 8 week boot-camp class at my daughter's dance school with a few others. It was a great class really kicked our butt's into gear. It's funny how when I do my own workout I think I am working hard until you do one of these classes. I was so inspired while watching my daughters Hip Hop class that I have decided to do the Adult Hip Hop class on Thursday night as well.

Thursday mornings I have a group meeting for accountability for our Transformation's in our life. Not everyone is doing the Transformation but I am going to share all I am doing and maybe they will join me. I was very excited today Bill Phillips new book Transformation came in today. to check it out.

I am also going to start training for the run in October in Denver Colorado with the Transformation crew. I will be in Salt Lake City days before it, so my husband and daughter thought it would be great to just fly over on the way home and help me complete another dream goal.

I will also be running a 5k not far from where I live with a few others from our Dream project group. It's going to be a busy and fun summer. I am praying my leg gets better this week so I am able to start walk/run training. I think it will all be indoors as our temperature this week are going to be 104 and higher this week. Who would have thought Canada could get so hot. Things sure are changing. I am so thankful that we have a pool.

Here is a great week ahead.

Love always
Julie Elliott