Monday, May 31, 2010

Dream Project Begins

Good Morning everyone.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and is full of life and energy.

Yesterday my husband and had our first meeting with the great Sarah Hilton our Dream Coach from for the next four months. We met the other great people who are joining us and wow some amazing inspiring people that are going to help us grow as well.

We are very excited about starting this journey together and really making some big changes. We have made a lot of them over the years and worked with Robin Sharma and been to many workshops with other great speakers like T.Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Loretta La roach, Bob Proctor, just to name a few. Our favorite has been Robin Sharam who really opened our eyes to what life is really like and about and how to be a great leader and friend.

We found through out the years we would make some changes but would get stuck, kind of like weight loss. You lose some then you Platue and it takes some pushing to get past it. With our dreams and goals we have had a hard time on some pushing forward.

This is why I am very excited to be working one-on-one with Sarah to move forward and accomplish those goals we have set for each of us on our own and as a couple.

My Dream goals for the next four months are

1. Most Important is Weight Loss: To lose 40 pounds and get my Body Fat % down
2. Speaking Learning how to give a great speech. (Joining Sarah's Toast Masters group)
3. Group Coaching (Learning how Improve on my skills and helping others do the same)

We will be Blogging and Vlogging our progress together and some on our own, Check back often and follow along on our great journey. Check out our first video Check out my husbands Blog as well

Have an amazing day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is stopping you?

Today while I was driving to the gym and working out some questions came to me.


I thought about that for while, why do so many people including myself get these great ideas and passions and dreams and write them down and then stop. What is it that stops you for taking that next step? For me I know that worrying about what other people think has been a very big one for me. What I forgot over the last while is that many if not most people have the same fear's. Or in business someone says no or does not respond like you think they would and you give up. One thing that reminds me to keep moving and never give up is this great quote.

"I've missed more than 9,ooo shots in my career.... I've lost almost 300 games.....26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed....I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." ~ Michael Jordan

I was reminded by a great Coach Robin Sharma about how we need to take a step back and really see the beauty within others, really look into their eyes and their heart and really listen to what they are saying, even the silence in between the words. So much of our world today focuses on the outside, on what people wear to what they look like and how much money they have. When you focus on all that stuff you miss out on so much of the world and the beauty within people.

So many of us are crying out to change but afraid to take that step. We all need work together to take those steps. Facebook has been such a blessing to many as it has brought others together that share so much of the same things and helped reach out and connect. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be able to connect so closely with others all over the world. It is outstanding when you really think about it.

Starting this Sunday my husband and I are starting a challenge over the summer with a Dream Coach and we are both very excited about that. We are going to Vlog about our journey through this. We hope and pray that it will be a blessing to someone out there and help you take the next step.

As scary as it may seem I'm reminded of a great quote Robin Sharma told me at one of his weekend retreats... "On the other side of your fear lie's your Freedom" Think about that for a minute. Think of a time you accomplished a fear. How good did you feel? Write down all the things you have accomplished and fears you have overcome and reminded yourself of how good that felt and apply that to your next fear.

Check out this video where Robin Sharma shares about facing fears...

So what did you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts.
Leave your comments below.


Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The past month has been rather crazy through out the world with violence and wars.

I am wondering to all people who go this route and support it and start protests. Does this really work?

Is getting out of control to make a point worth some Innocent peoples lives as well as homes?

For hundreds of years this has been going on and it has never solved anything. We still struggle with the same issues today from way back then. Many Governments think we need to fight back. What happened to building good relationships and having good communication, finding out why others feel they have to use such violence. We need teams of people going into speak to those who have such hatred for others or disagree with what is going on and talk and talk a lot so we can all work together to make things better. (If there is please let me know)

Yes we need to stand up for things but not in the ways I have been seeing on TV. It is very sad to see this going on, especially for our children to see. Can you imagine what they think about it. I am embarrassed by the world's actions.

EGO EGO EGO is always coming in to play. I find the people in charge today and this goes for everything to government to business where people do things so they can stroke there EGO and make them selves feel good. WRONG... We need leaders who have the bigger picture and love and passion to create and build great things together as a team. When you work together with other like minded people things work better.

That is another embarrassing thought is Parliament in many places in the world are scary. Watching it I feel like I am watching a group of kindergartners doing the whole he said/she said, and no one seems to think anything of it. Why is it people can not work together, find some common ground to work on. No wonder people are going crazy and sick of what is going on.

Our world is financially out of control yet all the people in charge are getting paid big bucks, I think they should all be cut back. way back until we can fix things.

Just venting.

PS. To all those who are going to protest in the Toronto area please do it peacefully and respect the city of Toronto and private business owners.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Over the past few days I have been home with my daughter who is sick with soar throat and stuffed up. We have been spending time doing school work and organizing the house.

The last couple of days we have been watching the Dugger Family on TV on TLC. If you have never heard of them they are a family that has 19 children. Truly amazing family. When I think about that it sounds crazy 19 kids, wow. I have fun just with one. I have always dreamed of having more kids, but not that many. So far nothing yet, but I am praying one day that will happen.

Abbie and I were talking about how strong this family is. They are all home schooled and everyone helps each other out. I am most impressed with the father who teaches the boys how to fix things and about business education. Today the boys were helping take down a tree, a rather big tree that had died. They all got together and helped out. On other show when ever anything needed to fix and taken care of they did it. How many of us today just leave that to someone else to show there kids.

I find today so many of us will leave it till things get really bad or pay some someones else to do that. I think this is part of why we are getting sicker as the physical labor is been taken out. They say when you do lot of physical activities it keeps you younger, it slows down the ageing process. We have lost our physical enjoyment and pride in taking care of our house or property and helping others do that same. I am not saying everyone I know some who really do a remarkable job.

I would love to have a family like the Duggers, just with a lot less kids. I don't' think God is going to have me have that many kids since I am 36 now....... I should I be careful what I say. Anyway I would be happy.

Abbie and I are taking on Homeschooling together starting September of this year. We are both very excited about it. There is so much I can teacher her on top of the regular stuff of school, like

1. Gardening
2. Cooking
3. Baking
4. fixing things
5. Money Management
6. Goal setting and planning.
7. Time management
8. Most of all movie making which Abbie is very passionate about.

Most of these things are not taut in schools which are really important in life. I think the schools need a who new curriculum put into place as the world is changing and needs to be improved to fit this era. And well new teachers as well. Today on CNN we heard a story of teaches who was caught on camera punching a kid and some who where yelling and telling kids how dumb they are. No wonder our kids today are so mad and messed up. We should be building them up to accomplish great things and getting out there and helped others. If we spend more time with them we would have less bully's in the schools. The only reason they do it is because the do not feel good about themselves so hurting someone else builds them up. You can bet when they are by themselves they are not feeling very good. There are some really great teachers out there, but we need more of them and replace the ones who can not take it anymore.

We as parents need to engage out children more as well as being a family. Not worrying so much about the stuff and a bigger house to keep up with others. Be grateful for what you have now and enjoy it.

Like a great Mentor told me (Robin Sharma). You do not seeing a U-haul following hearse. At the end of your life it will be about your family and who you touched and what difference you made in this life.

Hope everyone is having a Sensational day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Journey Continues

Today is May 12 2010

The past week has been great. I made it to the gym 5 days last week. It felt great to be moving more. I added in more Cardio to my workouts then I have in the past. I am up to 40 Min's of Cardio everyday. I went full force on the workout routine.

If anyone is familiar with body for life Contest, I am following the workout routine from there. My husband and I had entered it back in 1999 just before we got married. We both had done very well. My routine this past week was:

Monday: Cardio and Lower body -- Legs curls, Hamstring extensions,caves,lunges and Abs
Tuesday: Cardio and Abs
Wednesday: Cardio and Upper body --Lat pull down. Triceps,shoulders,chest,biceps's,back
Thursday: Cardio and Abs
Friday: Cardio and lower body --same as Monday.

Friday was my best workout day as I experienced something truly amazing. I work with a company that helps your body re-build Glutithione in your body. On the TV show they have I have heard so many athletes talk about how when they lift weights and increase there sets it gets easier as they go up. I thinking to myself they does not happen to me, It gets harder as I increase. My set are usually, 12, 10, 8, 6, 12/12 for each exercise I do and each time I increase the weight by 10. Normally I am really pushing hard at 6. Well Friday I was doing my lower body weights and noticed that each time I went up on the weights it got easier. I thought to myself am I dreaming, is there something wrong with me. But then I remembered what they had said about your recovery time will become quick. I found this very exciting and powerful.

I have slacked a little on the affirmations this past week from being distracted from so many things. My weight has gone down 1 pounds. I think it was the Natchos and cheese, burgers and the cake on Mothers day this past week that kept me around the same. I am okay with that, I just need more planning in my meals for the week.

On Monday and spent a few hours with a great friend talking and walking through a trail she had found which was so beautiful and quite. We saw some beautiful birds, I also hit the gym shortly after that for my workout. Yesterday my daughter was home with a fever so I did not get my workout in, I will be making up for that today and Saturday this week I plan to add a workout.

I have been spending some time reading from Proverbs this week which has been a good reminder into my life and what I should be doing and want to do. I am also going to continue on with the course Heart Physics from Dr James B. Richards. This is a really great course. and you can find him at

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Beginnings

Update from last week.....

I checked my weight which scared me. The scale read 212 I was shocked but it made sense after the past few weeks we had been eating to much party food.

Over the past week I gave up the Tim Horton's coffee. After doing some research about the rummer about them putting nicotine in there coffee, I found out that was false. But I stood my ground and decided to stop drinking it any way. I would take it double cream and double sugar.


I went to the gym three days last week and did about three 40 Min's of cardio and one day Upper body weights and One day lower body and lots of Abs exercises. I felt great. I weighed myself at the end of the week and the scale read 209. I was thrilled. I lost 4 pounds in one week. I really think giving up the cream and sugar helped.

I started saying to myself the affirmations while I was working out which made my workouts feel lighter. I would say to myself things like:

1. I am healthy and happy
2. The fat is melting away now
3. My body is returning to it's natural healthy state
4. All is well and good within my body.
5. My muscle are getting tights (then I would go through and name the different areas I would like to tone up.
6. I balance my Masculine and Famine energy's easily and effortlessly.
7. My past has no power over me.

You can make up your own as you go.

Tonight I am going to write about the big word that is going around called LEPTIN. A very important thing within the body to help lose weight and return your body back it it's health state.

Have a wonderful night

Love always
Julie Elliott