Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fallen only to rise again

It has been almost a month since we were on stage as part of the dream project.

That night was a lot of fun.

The few weeks after that was a tough road. I had all of a sudden had nothing planned next to work on, no direction or purpose of where I was going and what to do next.

I became so down on myself to the point I felt so defeated I would not be able to pick myself back up. Thankfully to my husband Edward Elliott who spent countless hours talking to me and trying to help me pick back up and believe in myself and my direction, I started back on my journey. Ed had talked me about doing session with a women we had known from Dream Fridays, Sandhan from Australia who has been helping people with understanding themselves and there believes. http://sandhaninc.com/work-with-sandhan/feelings-buried-alive-never-die/

I did fight the idea at first but I knew I needed to do something to get myself going again. I spent a few hours with her on a Wednesday and wow I felt so great after learning why I was holding on to beliefs and what they were trying to teach me and being able to let go of those that were not helping me.

I am so thankful for having been through that proses and I look forward to doing more and learning much more from Sandhan. http://sandhaninc.com/ I realized that I do have the answers within me and do not need to learn from other coaches and books. After all we have learned from many great people and read many many great books that have helped us along this journey. The challenge for me was that I was not taking the action I needed to take from all that I learned. It's the fears that were coming up and they still do but I am so thankful I have someone I can share and talk them out loud with.

Do you let fear get in your way? I am reminded from a great mentor "Robin Sharma" said...On the other side of your fear lies your freedom. I try to remind myself of that daily.

I have learned that Planning is key and to work hard everyday in the direction I wish to go. Accomplish the tough things first in my day so the rest of the day flows much better.

It is wonderful having everyone from the TSA and others who share what they have learned. I have learned a lot from everyone and has added great blessings and value to our life's. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. Love Ya

Now I am on a direction with my weight loss, thanks to a great company that is helping me lose weight and create balance in my eating, which I love. As a family we are starting to create opportunities to exercise together. I have family going to join me on the journey as well. ya

Stay tuned to my next update on our homeschooling journey.

Love Always
Julie Elliott

Monday, September 20, 2010


It's a beautiful cool Sunday night. The moon is out and there is a cool breeze.

I was sitting working on the lessons for tomorrow. And as you may or may not know, we decided to home school our daughter this year. It started back at Christmas time of last year when our daughter asked about doing something different as she was not happy were she was and we could see she was challenged.

At first I thought to my self (are you crazy we would kill each other). Over the weeks after that I saw how much she wanted to try it. She was researching online the different schools and teaching methods out there and about conventions.

I started to play with the idea of MAYBE. I started off reading about the Duggar family from TLC. http://www.duggarfamily.com/ This amazing women home schools all her children. 19 kids. Can you imagine. I thought to myself if she can do all that I surely can help my one daughter.

We got in touch with a great family and women from London who home schools her children in town and she really showed us the ropes and where to look and what to get involved in. A wonderful lady Robin Saylor. http://robinsaylor.blogspot.com/

In April we attended a home school convention in Hamilton Ontario called Ochec. http://www.ochec.org/ which was great. We meet so many wonderful families and speakers who really opened our mind to the possibilities and new things that we could do. I must tell you my husband was unsure until we attended that weekend. We were heading home with lots of great ideas. We were blown away at the statistics of how well home school children do.

Since then we told people what we were doing and let the school know, which was kind of scary as we heard from others that not many receive it will or think it is very wrong. I quickly learned that those who talk ill about it do not really know much about homeschooling at all, they just here from someone else when they think they know without really learning about it and how amazing it truly is. The school my daughter was at was very supportive which was wonderful as we love the school and think it's the best in our city.

We ordered our material from Sonlight. www.sonlight.com which has been amazing. They have a years package with everything planned our for you. It is a great way to get started if you have never done home schooling or any teaching before.

My husband and I have talked about school and what they teach at schools in great lengths about how most of what is taught in school is not really inline with life today. I feel today sending your kids to public school is like sending your kids to war. With all that distraction kids are unable to focus, grow and learn. This was one key thing I picked up on with our daughter, as there was a few girls who were making life at school not very friendly which I was very disappointed with which in turn made my daughter feel very sad and distracted in turn her school work was not so good and she could not focus. Since being at home over the past few weeks she had taken off full force and aced just about everything she does and loves what she is learning.

I learned that with homeschooling we can help our daughter expand her mind and she can learn at her pace and a way she understands. We can now help her learn and work on things she is passionate about in the afternoons once she gets the key things done.

Then there is the social part that everyone is worried about. The home school groups out there are amazing. We are involved in one were we meet every Tuesday and they have a different topic, teacher and subject. On Wednesdays in town there is a group called Original Kids which is a theater group. Starting next month on Thursday we meet at the YMCA and had sports. I feel sad for those who think there is no social or not enough of it. When you look at the public school there is not much in my opinion. When your kids are in class they are not aloud to talk or they get in trouble. You may have a few min recess time and then lunch about 1/2 after you eat to play and that is it. With home schooling you can talk when you like ask questions get the help you need and with the groups there is a ton of social time. I know what some are thinking write now, with all that how can you get your work done. My daughter works from about 9 until 1 and gets more work done then she did in a whole day at school.

I will say there are days I feel like, can I do all this and teach everything. I am very thankful that my husband works from home. When I have challenges I can ask him for help and from one of the many amazing families in London who are doing the same thing. I love this journey as I am learning along side my daughter. Many things I have forgotten over the year and some thing I never learned well.

I will continue to post on our journey and the new and inventive things we are learning.

Love always

Julie Elliott

Monday, September 6, 2010

Taking Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for your life?

Over the past few weeks we have been watching people and a lot in the news who complain about things but take no responsibility for themselves and taking action or not taking action in life. They expect others to do the work for them or find the answers instead of steping out there and doing that themselves.

We are starting to see more and more of it through out the years especially in the school systems, to business. We see so many who say they cant do something because they do not get paid enough or it is up to the government to come up with the money or make a program before people will take action and make a difference.

I was really surprised that we have become so dependent on the government to do everything for us. The government was never made to do everything for us, but to govern the country not pay for everything.

This really stood out for me today while I was watching the news about the dangers of hoarders and house fires that have been happening. There was this wonderfully lady who spoke about how it a problem we need to help these people but we do not have the money to support it.


We should be going out and helping those people out there who need help and not wait until the government give you money. We should be taking care of each other like we were called to do. We should be getting together and helps those in need and not expect something in return.

I am finding the sense of community windeling away, families are falling apart and both parents are working to keep up with the Jones (.I know not every family is like that). The love and compassion for others is slipping away and people and becoming quick to judge without truly knowing the heart and story of others or even care what may be going on in someones lives. We can each help someone through our experience in life, we do not need to always run to a specialist. We were called to help each other.

Who can you go out and help today?

Let's each step out there and help someone. Show compassion and love because
you never know when you are going to need it.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Power Of A Orgainized Life

August 18th, 2010

Today I noticed that it has been just over two month since I started the dream project and where am I.

I spent some time looking back over all the times I have gained and lost weight and started really thinking about what is missing.

Why have I always gained back the weight over the years?

After spending time thinking, writing and talking my my husband (Ed Elliott) about what my challenges have been, I realized that my life is very busy and very un-organized as well as thinking about the positive and doing my affirmations. Looking around our house I have stuff everywhere. (Anyone who has kids will know some of that craziness). I realized I need to clear out the rooms and the closets and put some order into them and have the family work with me on the order of where things go so that we can have a cleaner easier home and life style.

I spent some time on Martha Stewart site and found some great checklist to help me stay on track and add some order to our place.


I noticed until I get my house and life in order I am always going to be feeling overwhelmed. In the past I have been filling it with food and also with the new self help book or program and only getting 1/2 way through it and then I am on to the next things never feeling changed completely. I have learned a lot from many of the great people out there over the years and have changed a lot within myself. Except the one very important thing in my life. My Health. I need to make that an important in my life. I need to be healthy and fit so I can take care of my family and live the life we have dreamed of.

I am still following along with the Transformation group. www.transformation.com which has been a blessing in my life. They have been keeping me going and always trying through out the year. I have stayed around the same weight for the past 10 years. I realized I need to really focus on making the change within.

What things are holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed as I do?

Do you need to clean out your house and rooms?

Join me in cleaning out our homes and organizing our life. Join me in this next journey to clarity

Post your pictures before and afters and please share the change this has made in your life.

Love always

Julie Elliott

The Power of a orgainized Life

August 18th

Today I noticed that it has been just over two month since I started the dream project and where am I.

I spent some time looking back over all the times I have gained and lost weight and started really thinking about what is missing.

Why have I always gained back the weight over the years?

After spending time thinking, writing and talking my my husband (Ed Elliott) about what my challenges have been, I realized that my life is very busy and very un-organized as well as thinking about the positive and doing my affirmations. Looking around our house I have stuff everywhere. (Anyone who has kids will know some of that craziness). I realized I need to clear out the rooms and the closets and put some order into them and have the family work with me on the order of where things go so that we can have a cleaner easier home and lifestyle.

I spent some time on Martha Stewart site and found some great checklist to help me stay on track and add some order to our place.


I noticed until I get my house and life in order I am always going to be feeling overwhelmed. In the past I have been filling it with food and also with the new self help book or program and only getting 1/2 way through it and then I am on to the next things never feeling changed completely. I have learned a lot from many of the great people out there over the years and have changed a lot within myself. Except the one very important thing in my life. My Health. I need to make that an important in my life. I need to be healthy and fit so I can take care of my family and live the life we have dreamed of.

I am still following along with the Transformation group. www.transformation.com which has been a blessing in my life. They have been keeping me going and always trying through out the year. I have stayed around the same weight for the past 10 years. I realized I need to really focus on making the change within.

What things are holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed as I do?

Do you need to clean out your house and rooms?

Join me in cleaning out our homes and organizing our life. Join me in this next journey to clarity

Post your pictures before and afters and please share the change this has made in your life.

Love always

Julie Elliott

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The challange and power of Change

WOW two months have know gone by since Ed and I started the Dream Project.

I have a confession to make on my weight loss goal. I have not done as great as I had planned. I have lost 5 pounds which I am happy with but I know I can do so much better.

Do you ever start off on fire and focused and ready but then after some time you lose you momentum? That is me. I think with all the change we have been facing and have had to think about I have let my emotions take over and I became to consumed with everything.

I will say that with all the changes I have gone through a mental and spiritual cleanse looking back over my life and who I really am. Since my husband started a company I became Ed's wife instead of Julie the real me. I have had to ask myself this question this week who am I really. I have taken on just being Ed's wife and having the label of his company, that I have let that be who I am. I am able to let go of that know and move forward and we are able to work together on many things which is very exciting as some of you have heard.

I have had a dream since I was in my late teen early adult to inspire others and to learn to love who they are. I feel God telling me over and over again the words (it's time)

I have felt God saying to me and showing me that, that is not me and there is more to Julie than that and I can go out there and make a difference and do amazing things. Joining the dream project and doing the videos have really opened my eyes to the possibilities out there and from so many great people like Susan Davis, Debbie Stevens and so many other amazing people who have been really helping me along this journey I am on.

Tonight Susan Davis has a very important question from her video: What are you willing to do to get what you want?


I have been thinking about that ever since: What am I willing to do?

1. Eat Healthy and stick to my plan
2. Get up early and get my workout in no matter what
3. Spend time in Prayer, reading, journaling, meditation and affirmations daily.
4. Video every other day while doing my workouts on things that inspire me.
5. Face my fears (run to them)

Thanks to the great work that Bill Phillips does on Transformation and all the amazing lessons I have been doing the past few weeks has really opened my eyes to what is really going on inside of me. It's truly amazing the things you learn about yourself as you peel away the layers of emotions within and how much easier eating healthier becomes and your workouts become fun and you begin to enjoy them more.

I promise to work hard and move forward no matter what.

Check out a video I did with our daughter Abbie.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you ready to take a stand?

This past week has been exciting, challenging, emotional, and an amazing blessing. We are constantly going through changes in our life. Some we embrace with open arms and others we really struggle to get through.

Today a great friend Susan Davis from the TSA group shared her video with me today that was a blessing and an inspiration to me. As well as Avram Gonzales who both shared there dreams and there thoughts on life and where they have been and where they are going.

http://www.livefullout.info/couch-to-5k-day-two-holla/ Susan Davis


What greater service then to share your story and to know that, that may touch someones life, help someone and help them take there life to the next level. I am humbled and in awe today reflecting back on my life on how lucky we are and blessed we are to have to many great people in our life that support us and help us grow and continue to move forward in our journey. I was in tears listening to both of there post today.

Today Susan Davis shared with me a great song by Eminem called Not afraid. He talks about talking a stand and take my hand will walk this road together. His song really spoke to me as well, am I ready....Will I take the stand....and work together.


After going through this week and have seen so many amazing signs in the past two weeks and prayers have been answered it is a resounding YES.

I believe we were all called to walk this earth in greatness and to walk this earth with the amazing gifts God has given to us. We must let our light shine and help others do the same. One of our good Friends Chris Marsh shared today about everything we need is already inside of each one of us. we must believe it with our whole heart and soul.


Are you ready to leave the past?
Are you ready to move forward?
Are you ready to take a stand?
Come take our Hand and will walk this road together.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I hope that everyone has enjoyed there great weekend, for all of us Canadians celebrating Canada day and all our American friends celebrating July 4th Independence day.

I have had a great weekend but a little to much fun of the food area, so much so my sugar level has gone off the charts and I am unable to eat any Carbs or sugar at all. I should not eat most of it as I have a sensitivity to wheat and I think Gluten as well. Most times I buy the products with out that. Over the past 4 days we have been out at BBQ's and Baseball games and yes I was eating the crap....... Why do I do that? Well I know why. Lack of planning.

I have learned how very important it is to plan ahead and make sure I have healthy choices like fruits and protein bars to come with me just in case, even better would be to eat ahead so I am not hungry.

My workouts have been sliding since my other ankle is messed up, I think it has something to do with my sugar being high. I have been doing a far amount of walking and swimming so I am not doing nothing and my weight has stayed the same (thank Goodness).

Tonight I started the 8 week boot-camp class at my daughter's dance school with a few others. It was a great class really kicked our butt's into gear. It's funny how when I do my own workout I think I am working hard until you do one of these classes. I was so inspired while watching my daughters Hip Hop class that I have decided to do the Adult Hip Hop class on Thursday night as well.

Thursday mornings I have a group meeting for accountability for our Transformation's in our life. Not everyone is doing the Transformation but I am going to share all I am doing and maybe they will join me. I was very excited today Bill Phillips new book Transformation came in today. www.transformation.com to check it out.

I am also going to start training for the run in October in Denver Colorado with the Transformation crew. I will be in Salt Lake City days before it, so my husband and daughter thought it would be great to just fly over on the way home and help me complete another dream goal.

I will also be running a 5k not far from where I live with a few others from our Dream project group. It's going to be a busy and fun summer. I am praying my leg gets better this week so I am able to start walk/run training. I think it will all be indoors as our temperature this week are going to be 104 and higher this week. Who would have thought Canada could get so hot. Things sure are changing. I am so thankful that we have a pool.

Here is a great week ahead.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello everyone

Have you ever thought of how much power your Brain/mind has?

Do you know how it works?

This past week I have been reading the book "Change Your Brain Change Your Body by Daniel G. Amen, MD. Check out this video).

While only reading the first few chapters I have learned the power of your brain and how food/drink effect your brain.

I think we have all heard the saying Drugs with Kill brain cells. Well in this book is shows and talks about how Alcohol,Coffee,tea, and pops all do the same thing. It actually eats away at the brain. I was shocked to read that. Then it made a lot of sense. Since drinking coffee every morning I have noticed my mental focus slide and my attention to details not working well, Could the Coffee, Tea and the Alchohol be effecting my brain in that way.

While reading on to fat in the body I learned about how to much fat in our body also eats away at the brain as well. It talked in great detail about Leptin and how when you eat to much over time the leptin in your brain which tells your stumic that you are full stops working, which makes sense to why I will over eat sometimes. Google the word Leptin and also www.max.com and look up WLX which is something I have been using the help reprogram the leptin in your body as well as the Hormones.

He also talked in great detail about how most people today especially overweight people do not get enough Vitamin D. My Natural Path was telling me that just recently as well, so we started taking D drops on days where I am not in the sun so much. She told me that the best time to be in the sun is Midday when your shadow is smaller than you is when you body will produce Vitamin D with the help of the sun. When you think about that, that time of day is when most of us are in an office or our kids are in school.

Another very interesting study they found is in how the brain works with Technology and being over simulated with it. He talked about how Men in Particular are having so much personal issues is that they are to busy with all the Technology, the games, email, social media, videos. Cell phone and Ipad. He talked about how they get a lot of personal excitement and attention to that, that they forget about the simpler things, especially if you are married or in a relationship. They are starting to see some of the same in women as well.

Some recommendations he suggested were:

1. Protect your brain: Feed it good info and food.
2. Eat a good Diet
3. Take daily Vitamins, Minerals, and fish oil. (Good quality) (we know some great ones)
4. Exercise: Great for Blood flow to the brain, Improves Oxygen to the brain.
5.Get enough sleep: at least 7 hours
6. Meditate.
7. Relax
8. Practice Gratitude.
9. Have more sex.
10. Balance your hormones.

I will continue to blog on what I learn from this great book. It is differently worth picking up and reading.

Have a great week

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of what you think and journaling

Do you Write?

Do you have great ideas but then never write it down?

Do you have goals and dreams but there all in your head?

Do you ever have a real challenging day and you get home eat and sit in front of the TV feeling frustrated about everything?

I have found that writing down my day has helped me through so many trails, and it's really fun to look back at them to see how far I have come or what I need to work on.

They have said that people who write down there goals and dreams and who journal accomplish much more in life then those who do not. Powerful when you think about it.

Over the past a couple of months since I purchased the book and watched Louise L Hay's You can Heal you life and Dr Wayne Dyers "The Shift" I have been writing more about what I would like to do and have in my life. Like:

Better Health
more Passion
strong marriage
more kids
successful business etc.

Here are two movie that have really inspired me

I noticed that this past week I have been feeling kind of sad and overwhelmed. I realized today that I have not been journaling this past week. Ops Really helps you stay focused. I find it very helpful to plan out my day as well. Some one once told us to pick the 6 most important things you must do in your day and do the hard ones first. Those things you tend to set aside.

Being at home I have found it challenging to focus because there is so much to do within the house life, clean. laundry, gardening, cooking, kids stuff ready, sending emails, reply to emails. I find I have been trying to do to much at once. So I am back to the drawing board with the planning and Journaling.

8 Years ago my husband and I went to see some speakers in Toronto ( well I wanted to see Dr Phil) and many other speakers. There was one who really stood out. His name is Robin Sharma. http://www.robinsharma.com

80% of what we have learned has been from Robin Sharma. Check out his website. He is a great Leadership Coach and travels all over the world helping people lead without a title. Amazing man.

He talked about the power of Journaling and how that helps us stay on track and accomplish our goals and help us with our challenges. I have been try to practice this ever since.

Pick up a pen and starting writing, You never know you could have a book in you

Hope everyone is having an amazing week

Love always
Julie Elliott

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weight Loss Journey week 2

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on Ed and our videos and our blog's.

I am excited to share that I have lost 5 pounds since June 1st. and down 1% Body fat.

Over this past week I have been really think about what I have accomplished in my life. I never really thought about that so much, at least I have not ever written it down so that I could see it. Our Coach had asked me to focus on that this week and then really think about what it is I want to accomplish Like how much weight loss and how it will feel, to measurements and taking close up pictures.

I spent some time thinking about the end in mind and then writing out what it would take to accomplish this. Example:

Workout 5-6 day a week
Cardio 40 mins a day
Weight days 3 days a week
Walking at night with family
5-6 Mini Meals
Water 6-8 cups a day
WLX x2 1/2 hour before I eat main meals (Helps me to not over eat)
Meal plans for the week. Done on a Sunday

I spent some time thinking about how I would feel when I have lost the weight and what kind of clothes I would wear to what kind of energy would I have. I am focusing on how I feel and how my clothes fit rather than on the scale as much this time.

My biggest challenge has been the weekends. I have been having a few coolers and Natcho chips sometimes Ice Cream. I have planned to eat good on the weekends but I slip up. I find it helps to Journal when that come up. I ask question like:

1. Why do I want this food?
2. What feeling are going on inside me? (am I stressed, Worried, Tired, Board, Upset etc)
3. Will eating this food help me in my journey?

I find going for a walk really helps by overcoming a lot of these challenges.

This week I am focusing on my workouts and drinking enough water and journaling and getting reconnected with the group from http://www.transformation.com/ and starting to do more videos.

And of course the most important is the affirmations. I have many written out on little cards that I carry around with me, I try to say them in front of a mirror and strange as that sounds, it really works. Yesterday I started listening to Affirmations on Cd's that Ed and I bought from T Harv Eker. So I am always feeding my brain positive information.

I have been using Louise L Hay "Heal your Life" affirmations and workbook. If you have a chance watch the movie "you can heal your life" It's on http://www.youtube.com/ and you can purchase it and Chapters/indigo Amazon etc.

Here is our update video for this past week. Check it out...

Well Here is to another great week.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shocking Discovery

Hello Everyone.

Yesterday afternoon while we were making dinner my husband Ed brought up a binder he found in our basement that belonged to me.

To start this off for those who do not know me or what I am about. I have been learning a lot about Leadership, changing life for the better by taking action and practicing positive affirmations and getting physical activity and trying to eat healthy.

The biggest things that I have been trying hard to change is my mind set and how I think and changing it to be more supportive, positive. I started to when I learned a lot of it from Robin Sharma who wrote "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari".

Well Ed had brought up this binder from the YMCA I took when I was taking the aerobic Instructor course when I was in grade 12, that is going back awhile. I open up the binder and what do I see, in my own hand writing....... Positive self talk, the power of affirmations. I almost started to cry......

I was shocked. I was taught this many many years ago and it did not sink in back then completely, Well I think it had some impact because I had a better attitude about others and how they felt back then but the other stuff personally for myself did not. I felt very sad, to see that I am finally getting that message almost 20 years later.

Ed told me something that I never thought about or heard before, That sometimes it takes 7 times to hear/read a message before it clicks. Make's you think about the past and really think about how much more there may be that I was taught and did not get back then and could be showing up know. It is truly amazing how you can live your life and really not be paying attention, until you get a wake up call many years later.

What kind of things have you been taught in the past that you are getting now?

Have you read books many time's over and learned something different each time you read it?

What have you learned from your past experiances?

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dream Project Begins

Good Morning everyone.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning and is full of life and energy.

Yesterday my husband and had our first meeting with the great Sarah Hilton our Dream Coach from http://www.spokenadvantage.com/ for the next four months. We met the other great people who are joining us and wow some amazing inspiring people that are going to help us grow as well.

We are very excited about starting this journey together and really making some big changes. We have made a lot of them over the years and worked with Robin Sharma and been to many workshops with other great speakers like T.Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Loretta La roach, Bob Proctor, just to name a few. Our favorite has been Robin Sharam who really opened our eyes to what life is really like and about and how to be a great leader and friend.

We found through out the years we would make some changes but would get stuck, kind of like weight loss. You lose some then you Platue and it takes some pushing to get past it. With our dreams and goals we have had a hard time on some pushing forward.

This is why I am very excited to be working one-on-one with Sarah to move forward and accomplish those goals we have set for each of us on our own and as a couple.

My Dream goals for the next four months are

1. Most Important is Weight Loss: To lose 40 pounds and get my Body Fat % down
2. Speaking Learning how to give a great speech. (Joining Sarah's Toast Masters group)
3. Group Coaching (Learning how Improve on my skills and helping others do the same)

We will be Blogging and Vlogging our progress together and some on our own, Check back often and follow along on our great journey. Check out our first video Check out my husbands Blog as well http://edwardrecommends.com/

Have an amazing day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is stopping you?

Today while I was driving to the gym and working out some questions came to me.


I thought about that for while, why do so many people including myself get these great ideas and passions and dreams and write them down and then stop. What is it that stops you for taking that next step? For me I know that worrying about what other people think has been a very big one for me. What I forgot over the last while is that many if not most people have the same fear's. Or in business someone says no or does not respond like you think they would and you give up. One thing that reminds me to keep moving and never give up is this great quote.

"I've missed more than 9,ooo shots in my career.... I've lost almost 300 games.....26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed....I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed." ~ Michael Jordan

I was reminded by a great Coach Robin Sharma about how we need to take a step back and really see the beauty within others, really look into their eyes and their heart and really listen to what they are saying, even the silence in between the words. So much of our world today focuses on the outside, on what people wear to what they look like and how much money they have. When you focus on all that stuff you miss out on so much of the world and the beauty within people.

So many of us are crying out to change but afraid to take that step. We all need work together to take those steps. Facebook has been such a blessing to many as it has brought others together that share so much of the same things and helped reach out and connect. Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would be able to connect so closely with others all over the world. It is outstanding when you really think about it.

Starting this Sunday my husband and I are starting a challenge over the summer with a Dream Coach and we are both very excited about that. We are going to Vlog about our journey through this. We hope and pray that it will be a blessing to someone out there and help you take the next step.

As scary as it may seem I'm reminded of a great quote Robin Sharma told me at one of his weekend retreats... "On the other side of your fear lie's your Freedom" Think about that for a minute. Think of a time you accomplished a fear. How good did you feel? Write down all the things you have accomplished and fears you have overcome and reminded yourself of how good that felt and apply that to your next fear.

Check out this video where Robin Sharma shares about facing fears...

So what did you think?

I would love to hear your thoughts.
Leave your comments below.


Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 20, 2010


The past month has been rather crazy through out the world with violence and wars.

I am wondering to all people who go this route and support it and start protests. Does this really work?

Is getting out of control to make a point worth some Innocent peoples lives as well as homes?

For hundreds of years this has been going on and it has never solved anything. We still struggle with the same issues today from way back then. Many Governments think we need to fight back. What happened to building good relationships and having good communication, finding out why others feel they have to use such violence. We need teams of people going into speak to those who have such hatred for others or disagree with what is going on and talk and talk a lot so we can all work together to make things better. (If there is please let me know)

Yes we need to stand up for things but not in the ways I have been seeing on TV. It is very sad to see this going on, especially for our children to see. Can you imagine what they think about it. I am embarrassed by the world's actions.

EGO EGO EGO is always coming in to play. I find the people in charge today and this goes for everything to government to business where people do things so they can stroke there EGO and make them selves feel good. WRONG... We need leaders who have the bigger picture and love and passion to create and build great things together as a team. When you work together with other like minded people things work better.

That is another embarrassing thought is Parliament in many places in the world are scary. Watching it I feel like I am watching a group of kindergartners doing the whole he said/she said, and no one seems to think anything of it. Why is it people can not work together, find some common ground to work on. No wonder people are going crazy and sick of what is going on.

Our world is financially out of control yet all the people in charge are getting paid big bucks, I think they should all be cut back. way back until we can fix things.

Just venting.

PS. To all those who are going to protest in the Toronto area please do it peacefully and respect the city of Toronto and private business owners.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Over the past few days I have been home with my daughter who is sick with soar throat and stuffed up. We have been spending time doing school work and organizing the house.

The last couple of days we have been watching the Dugger Family on TV on TLC. If you have never heard of them they are a family that has 19 children. Truly amazing family. When I think about that it sounds crazy 19 kids, wow. I have fun just with one. I have always dreamed of having more kids, but not that many. So far nothing yet, but I am praying one day that will happen.

Abbie and I were talking about how strong this family is. They are all home schooled and everyone helps each other out. I am most impressed with the father who teaches the boys how to fix things and about business education. Today the boys were helping take down a tree, a rather big tree that had died. They all got together and helped out. On other show when ever anything needed to fix and taken care of they did it. How many of us today just leave that to someone else to show there kids.

I find today so many of us will leave it till things get really bad or pay some someones else to do that. I think this is part of why we are getting sicker as the physical labor is been taken out. They say when you do lot of physical activities it keeps you younger, it slows down the ageing process. We have lost our physical enjoyment and pride in taking care of our house or property and helping others do that same. I am not saying everyone I know some who really do a remarkable job.

I would love to have a family like the Duggers, just with a lot less kids. I don't' think God is going to have me have that many kids since I am 36 now....... I should I be careful what I say. Anyway I would be happy.

Abbie and I are taking on Homeschooling together starting September of this year. We are both very excited about it. There is so much I can teacher her on top of the regular stuff of school, like

1. Gardening
2. Cooking
3. Baking
4. fixing things
5. Money Management
6. Goal setting and planning.
7. Time management
8. Most of all movie making which Abbie is very passionate about.

Most of these things are not taut in schools which are really important in life. I think the schools need a who new curriculum put into place as the world is changing and needs to be improved to fit this era. And well new teachers as well. Today on CNN we heard a story of teaches who was caught on camera punching a kid and some who where yelling and telling kids how dumb they are. No wonder our kids today are so mad and messed up. We should be building them up to accomplish great things and getting out there and helped others. If we spend more time with them we would have less bully's in the schools. The only reason they do it is because the do not feel good about themselves so hurting someone else builds them up. You can bet when they are by themselves they are not feeling very good. There are some really great teachers out there, but we need more of them and replace the ones who can not take it anymore.

We as parents need to engage out children more as well as being a family. Not worrying so much about the stuff and a bigger house to keep up with others. Be grateful for what you have now and enjoy it.

Like a great Mentor told me (Robin Sharma). You do not seeing a U-haul following hearse. At the end of your life it will be about your family and who you touched and what difference you made in this life.

Hope everyone is having a Sensational day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Journey Continues

Today is May 12 2010

The past week has been great. I made it to the gym 5 days last week. It felt great to be moving more. I added in more Cardio to my workouts then I have in the past. I am up to 40 Min's of Cardio everyday. I went full force on the workout routine.

If anyone is familiar with body for life Contest, I am following the workout routine from there. My husband and I had entered it back in 1999 just before we got married. We both had done very well. My routine this past week was:

Monday: Cardio and Lower body -- Legs curls, Hamstring extensions,caves,lunges and Abs
Tuesday: Cardio and Abs
Wednesday: Cardio and Upper body --Lat pull down. Triceps,shoulders,chest,biceps's,back
Thursday: Cardio and Abs
Friday: Cardio and lower body --same as Monday.

Friday was my best workout day as I experienced something truly amazing. I work with a company that helps your body re-build Glutithione in your body. On the TV show they have I have heard so many athletes talk about how when they lift weights and increase there sets it gets easier as they go up. I thinking to myself they does not happen to me, It gets harder as I increase. My set are usually, 12, 10, 8, 6, 12/12 for each exercise I do and each time I increase the weight by 10. Normally I am really pushing hard at 6. Well Friday I was doing my lower body weights and noticed that each time I went up on the weights it got easier. I thought to myself am I dreaming, is there something wrong with me. But then I remembered what they had said about your recovery time will become quick. I found this very exciting and powerful.

I have slacked a little on the affirmations this past week from being distracted from so many things. My weight has gone down 1 pounds. I think it was the Natchos and cheese, burgers and the cake on Mothers day this past week that kept me around the same. I am okay with that, I just need more planning in my meals for the week.

On Monday and spent a few hours with a great friend talking and walking through a trail she had found which was so beautiful and quite. We saw some beautiful birds, I also hit the gym shortly after that for my workout. Yesterday my daughter was home with a fever so I did not get my workout in, I will be making up for that today and Saturday this week I plan to add a workout.

I have been spending some time reading from Proverbs this week which has been a good reminder into my life and what I should be doing and want to do. I am also going to continue on with the course Heart Physics from Dr James B. Richards. This is a really great course. http://www.heartphysics.com/ and you can find him at http://www.impactministries.com/

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Beginnings

Update from last week.....

I checked my weight which scared me. The scale read 212 I was shocked but it made sense after the past few weeks we had been eating to much party food.

Over the past week I gave up the Tim Horton's coffee. After doing some research about the rummer about them putting nicotine in there coffee, I found out that was false. But I stood my ground and decided to stop drinking it any way. I would take it double cream and double sugar.


I went to the gym three days last week and did about three 40 Min's of cardio and one day Upper body weights and One day lower body and lots of Abs exercises. I felt great. I weighed myself at the end of the week and the scale read 209. I was thrilled. I lost 4 pounds in one week. I really think giving up the cream and sugar helped.

I started saying to myself the affirmations while I was working out which made my workouts feel lighter. I would say to myself things like:

1. I am healthy and happy
2. The fat is melting away now
3. My body is returning to it's natural healthy state
4. All is well and good within my body.
5. My muscle are getting tights (then I would go through and name the different areas I would like to tone up.
6. I balance my Masculine and Famine energy's easily and effortlessly.
7. My past has no power over me.

You can make up your own as you go.

Tonight I am going to write about the big word that is going around called LEPTIN. A very important thing within the body to help lose weight and return your body back it it's health state.

Have a wonderful night

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's another great Monday, the sun shinning it is warming up and the trees are blooming.

Over the past few days I had the chance to go to a Christan homeschooling convention and learn about everything that is out there and how people are doing things. I found it very interesting and sad in another.

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to hear a few very good speakers that really made you think and open your eyes to what is out there and what is going on in the world. I found most people there were very closed off and very scared by some of the stuff that what was being talked about. I found this is sad and there is so much to life that people are missing. I noticed many lacked the excitement and passion, there was a lot of serious faces. This made me think that we need to really show them how great life really is and the great abundance God what's to give us. to get out there and experience life and help others. I thought to myself that these great speakers had such an excitement and energy and passion for life, they get it why is it that so many were not. I said to myself (We can all have that and live that life to).

I spent some time listening to Louise L Hay's movie Heal your Life about Affirmations. I am taken back more and more about how we mess life up by what we think and say. So much of life is controlled by that.


Do your thoughts stop you from truly believe you can anything or do they stop you from taking action in your life.

I have noticed the power of Forgiveness is a big one in my life and in many peoples lives. Yes it can be very difficult and the EGO likes to be right and satisfied, but what does that do to us on the inside especially our minds. In Louise Hays book/movie they have shown how what you think and about and hold onto can create a lot of stress within our body's which is why we have so much disease and cancers today.

I feel we need to let go more and be free and forgive and truly live life with passion and love and have fun. Lots more fun. Getting outside and enjoy nature, go to the park with your kids, hiking. I find for our family included we spend far to much time with Computers, TV. Computer Games. We are starting to become numb to real life.

Right out some affirmations on cards you can carry around with you even wright out your favorite quotes. I have found this keeps my focus and my mind positive and on the goal and much more relaxed.

Read them out loud in front of a mirror, there is lots of power in speaking them aloud.

What makes you excited, what are the things that you are passionate about? write them out and make a step by step plan of action in accomplishing those things. Seek out others who have accomplished these things.

Write out a letter for yourself no one has to see it about who and what you need to forgive. If you no there is something you should but not sure exactly what it is, write down and ask yourself what is it you need to forgive This is very powerful

Love always
Julie Elliott

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where is everyone going?

Today while I was driving to pick up my daughter and on the home I was shocked at how many time people would cut me off, glare at me and honk there horn because I stopped for traffic or a person Crossing.

I have noticed since we have Technology people have become busier and busier and people are driving way to fast and very aggressive. We live on a little street and I have watched people drive down going at least 80 if not higher. Rather scary when you have kids outside.

Where is everyone going in such a hurry. I would love to get out of my car and say something.

I find people need to learn Time Management and figure out what is really important in life, and slow down and pay attention to what is going on around them. I watch so many fill up there lives with so much stuff that they forget they have a family, kids or even friends. They are to busy working, busy learning, busy going hear and there casing every new thing out there.

It is very sad seeing how many time our Ambulance, Police and Air Ambulance has to run everyday because people are two busy not to pay attention. Is life really not that valuable? If we all slowed down and simplified our lives there would be less accidents.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weight loss and Affirmations

Well it's been a week since my last post.

It has been a great day today. The sun has been out and it's 25 degrees and beautiful. My daughter and I sat outside soaking up the sun and getting her school work done.

I have been tested this week as my daughter has been home with a cold. I could have got up early and went to the gym or better yet worked out in the gym in the basement. I did not. I realized I need to plan better and make exercise a bigger priority then it has been.

Despite my challenges I still kept up with the affirmations which have been great. I have been much more calmer this past week then before. and much happier.

I have had lots of energy thanks to this great product I am taking which has kept me going and getting my work done without crashing at 3:00 in the afternoon, Which has been great. Most day's I am dieing for Chocolate or Coffee.

Last night I spent some time talking to some great friends who were reminding me about what is in Coffee and about the cream and sugar I put into it and how that plays a huge roll in weight loss. I would always get a double double and Tim Horton's at least once a day. Many people believe that they put Nicotine in there coffee which would make sense looking at the drive through everyday wrapped around the corners and down the streets.

As of today I am switching over to Green Tea with nothing added. And I am planning to get my workout in tonight and tomorrow early if my daughter has to stay home again. Better planning makes for better results.

I have not checked the scale this week but will tomorrow morning, I plan to put up pictures of me and as I go so we can see the progress of how this is working.

My goals for this weekend and next week

1. Write down the 6 most important things I must do each day.
2. Plan our meals and pre-cook meals for the week.
3. Journal, Meditation/Prayer Reading Daily
4. Affirmations workouts/through out the day.
5. Workouts 5 days and add walking as a family.

Looking forward to tonight as it's Transformation Radio call with Bill Phillips for any of you who remember EAS and Body For Life Contests.

Bill has created another great community with people learning and loseing weight together.

You can listen live at www.transformation.com/radio at 10:00pm Eastern time.

Hope everyone is having a Sensational Day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, April 9, 2010

Is loseing weight harder as you age or is it not??????

While working out at the gym today a thought came into my head. Is it really harder to lose weight as we get older? I was looking around at some of the older people working out and noticed that the people who were in really good shape were happy and smiling and chatting with other members. Then there was others who were okay, walking slow and looking sad down or angry.

Could it be all in how we think. Really we have been hearing a lot about that and the more I learn about it and how the body works the more it makes sense. Maybe it harder only because as we go through life we typically go through lots of stuff that hurt us, bring us down or ticks us off and then we hang onto that. maybe hanging on to that stuff is what is keeping the weight on. All the stress and fear and worrying is keeping all the stuff in as our body is in panic mode.

It's proven in studies that stress sucks everything out of us, all the vitamins and good things. No wonder we have so much cancer and sickness health problems in the world. We are all hanging on to, to much stuff. We need to learn to let things go.

After spending time reading Louise L. Hay book on You Can Heal You Life. I have been taking the examples and doing the affirmations several times a day. I have noticed a big difference in how I go through my day and things do not bother me as much. Since I been at the gym 4 days this week (which has been a while) I noticed how quick my clothes were loosening up and I felt lighter I believe it's from staying positive and calm and doing the affirmations daily.

So I am going to do a study for the next 30 days. I am going to bring my affirmations with me to the gym and as I am doing my cardio I am going to read them over and over as well as through out my day and practice the art of Letting go and see if that makes a big difference in weight loss.

Check back for the updates.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, March 29, 2010

Seeing the Beauty in a Cloudy day

This past week I have been reflecting on many talks I have heard, the movie The Shift, and what I have been thinking. I just love listening to the music from the Shift movie, it is truly peaceful and beautiful. I find it gives my mind and body time to relax.

One thing I noticed was the beauty in the movie, and around me now. I noticed that it is cloudy and kind of dull outside today. For the first time I realized how beautiful it all is. It made me think about all the years I have viewed the a cloudy and dull day as depressing when the sun is not out or when it rains. So many people today have the same view about the weather. We talk about that in the school parking lot, at work, and at church. A few years ago our family went to Jamaica on March break and I loved how the people that lived there would call rain (liquid Sunshine). They really appreciated the rain.

As I sit here looking out my window seeing the bird's flying noticing the beautiful colours of them and see the green grass coming up and the squirrels running around. I am taken by the magnificence of the big tree's and wondering what they have been through and seen. It's amazing how we go through life not paying attention to the simple things around us.

I realized that how I feel about the weather or the day is all about in how I think about it. It came to my attention yesterday when someone said to me it's a dull yucky day and I responded it's just a day. I thought who came up with that, it's a yucky day or a great day. What makes a great day? Does the weather determine what kind of day it's going to be or do we decided what kind of day it's going to be?

Stop and take a look around you notice the beauty in nature.

Have a Sensational Day!

Love always
Julie Elliott

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24th 2010 (Who I am)

This week has been a challenging one for me. From Sunday on has been crazy. On Sunday our Pastor said he hoped that the message he gave us stirs us. WOW did it and made me really think about life and who I am and who is Jesus and why is it so many of us, myself included, do not get it or feel always that we have to change or be going through challenges all the time.

I started a course this week called The Heart Physics from Dr. James Richards. He talks about how God is a heart God. Everything is experienced through the heart. God will work through your heart. He talked in great lengths about how we need stop trying to change and just Be and to let God do a Transformation within us.

One thing that really stood out for me that Dr. Richards said was "If Christ is in me, than I will no longer try and get God to give me things. If I am who he says I am. If I have what he says I have, If I can do what he says I can do. I should simply live life to it's fullest, while making my life count". How many time's have I thought about just that (living life to the fullest and making my life count). How many year have I thought about doing that something and I find myself still thinking about it.

I wondered why, Why I am still there, why is it that so many of us are stuck. While listening to the talk he mentioned that as people we fear Freedom. WHY is that? Why would we fear something so great. Silly when you think about it. But the real thing behind that is we fear freedom because freedom can only be obtained to the degree that we accept personal responsibility. So much of our human nature wants to play the victim and blame others and say it's because of who ever or what ever. I have been doing that for so long and taking on what others say about me or about my ideas I would take that personally instead of just listening and letting it go. Or being really hurt when other stop talking to me. I am reminded not to take that personally as that is something they are going through and I need to love them anyway and respect and forgive them and talk to them despite how they behave. I need to be strong in who I am. I realized I need to be responsible for letting go and truly loving people no matter who they are what they believe, respecting them for sharing and then go on, not letting the past suck me back in.

If I except the reality that Christ is in me and all that he has and all that he is and all that he can do is in me and that I am a new person with a new power and new abilities he can work wonders in my life and I will do great things. I now have one responsibility to believe that the truth is in my heart.

Through all of this I am reminded that I need to awake early and have what a great friend taught us (Robin Sharma) is our Holy hour. Time to Meditate, Read, Pray, Journal. There is something Magical about getting up early like 5:ooam, it's so quiet and peaceful and then get a workout in to get the body moving and the creative juices flowing to conquer the day.

Love always
Julie Elliott :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thought about Mahatma Gandhi's quotes

Last week I came across this quote by Mahatma Gandhi. "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

I thought about that for a minute and said "I can't possibly put that quote up on Facebook". But as the week went by I thought "Why not?". I understand and can agree with what he is saying and know many can relate to that. I think about who Christ was as a man. Remarkable really. He really but his heart into everything he did; not worrying about what others would say and do. He made it a priority to hang out and meet all kinds of people and love them despite what they did or believed. He had a respect for people. He did what was right not matter what it cost him. I ASKED MYSELF DO I DO THAT? DO YOU DO THAT?

I think today about what I have seen and heard from others; about how Christians are. One things that I see from so many are that they stick only to those within the church; only getting to know people who believe and do things that they believe in. They shun people out if they think differently or do not understand what you believe. I have been burned in the past by many for that which has put a big barrier in my relationship to God. Reading the Bible has been a challenge for me because I am reminded of all the things that other Christians have done to me or said about me. I learn more from hearing from great speakers like TD Jake's, Joel Osteen, James Richards, and Rick Boyes. I never give up and keep going because I know it's between me and God and not me and everyone else thinks.

One things that really saddens me is how much judgement I see from others and I can completely understand why people do not want to go to a church. We are called not to do that and I think in the world the religious groups have become the biggest group that judge. I am not saying everyone is like that, and I have been that way myself from time to time when I let others control what I think. We are not prefect. I apologise to everyone for judging them.

The quote reminds me of how great it can be. We have a God who loves us, wants the best for us and is willing to stick by us no matter what we do. He is always there to help us grow. Sometimes it is not easy, but like a good friend Robin Sharma said "On the other side of your fears/challanges lies your freedom". So true. When we go through the tough stuff we become stronger if we learn from it.

I have learned from many other great leaders and coaches that we should be loving to all and respect others and be friends with others despite what faith they have. My husband always tells me when meeting people, if you want them to know what you believe and are passionate about "love them so much they ask". I love that, not always easy but I do try.

Life is to short. Go out and meet new people and have new experiences and learn from each other. Life can be grand if we let it.

Have a great night.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Energy and Creativity

March 10th 2010

Today I awoke early and took a shower and headed out with my daughter for a walk. Of course to get my Tim Horton's Coffee. While we were walking I was thinking to myself how great it felt to be outside and doing some activity. I have found over the years the more Technology we have the less time you spend outside or doing any physical activity, especially during the winter.

We start to tell ourselves tomorrow or on the weekend or maybe the summer or the ever popular on January 1st. But I thought to myself, What am I waiting for? Why not today? Why not right now?

While we were out we stopped by Blockbuster and rented the Biggest Loser Wii game as I wanted to try it before I buy it. We got home and tried it and I was blown away again how hard it was and how out of shape I have become. When I finished my workout I felt great. I know have lots energy and I find my mind is clear and the ideas and thoughts are going again and I feel more positive about life and in the future.

Do you ever sit there and say to yourself I am tired and you know you should get up and do something but don't. Do you sit a lot in front of the TV for hours and tell yourself I don't have time or I am to tired?

I have found over the years and a reminder of today that the more I workout the better I feel and the more energy I have through out the day. As well you start to feel better about yourself.

When you feel better you do better. I forget where I heard that but it is very true and you begin to enjoy the simple things in life and get out in nature more and become more creative and active. You will start to enjoy life and those around you.

Something to think about.

1. How much time to spend sitting in front of the TV/Computer (not productive)
2. Do you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and eat Fruit and Veg's or is it a lot of heavy Carb meals?
3. When was the last time you did a workout, go for a walk/run or hit the gym?
4. What are you waiting for?

Have a Sensational Day.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Monday, March 8, 2010

What do you settle for?

MARCH 8TH 2010

For the past week I have been thinking a lot about my life over the past ten years or so and thinking about what have I accomplished and what got set aside and tolerated. It's scary how much time goes by without paying attention to it.

You seem to come to a time in life where you stop to think about what you really want in life and realize what you could have done. I guess I should be very thankful for coming to that realization in my thirties and not much later in life like many others do.

Something that really has hit home is letting other's control what I do and say and think in life. So many people, myself included, have stopped doing things I believed in because of others fear's or disbelief's. Kind of funny as most of those people who we call Nay Sayers are one's that sit back and give up and say things can't be done or are afraid to step out themselves. I have let people make me think and treat me like I am not worth anything or deserve anything great. Sometimes you need to give yourself a smack to wake up and sometimes walk away.

I was thinking about the school system how they are treating kids like little robots trying to mold them all to think and be the same. I hear from so many people that teachers are telling kids that they will never do whatever it is they would like to do or tell them they are not good, and don't aim to high. I see it also in business and in religion where you all have to think and do exactly the same thing or you're out or considered that there is something wrong with you. We need start teaching our kids to think freely and go after those things they are passionate about and give them time and space to research those things.

Some question I have been thinking about today are.

1. What have you tolerated?
2. If you knew you could not fail what would you do?
3. What do you want out of life?
4. What kind of relationship would you like?
5. What dreams have been set a side, and what would it take to start working on them?

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, March 5, 2010


MARCH 5 2010

Today I spent some time listening to the shift again and making notes as I went along that really spoke to me. I was taken by the opening music that played by Christopher Ferreira. Truly beautiful. I posted the song on my facebook page and below.

There is so much in that movie to write about and to apply to my life. I feel each time I watch it I learn something else. Part of me today was getting angry as I looked back over my life so far and noticed what I have missed and failed to do.. It has been a difficult day. I am guessing it's the EGO trying to hang on to me, wanting to be in control instead of letting go. I loved what Dr. Dyer said about the EGO. It means Edge God out. Another friend of mine had told me that one a few weeks ago as well. One great thought Dr. Dyer said the Ego always try's to make you right.

I was listening and checking my facebook account when I saw that Dr. Dyer had put up a quote which said. " Practice the art of allowing, watch your body as it goes through it's motions." How many of us really do that in our day? I find myself so busy most of the time I do not notice. something to pay attention to.

One thing that really stuck out to me today was when the mother in the movie told her kid's that they were going to un-plug for the weekend. What a statement to today's world. So much of life in evolved around the computer now, so much so we forget to look out the window and enjoy what is around us. We have become so consumed by technology and knowing everything. Even in our kids today I see it. no one plays outside anymore. You never see boys playing hockey in the streets and little grils skipping with there skip ropes. The real truth of it is we have all forgotten how to have fun and how to connect with others.

We are so blessed to have so many great people out there to teach us what they have gone through and help us live our lives fully and purposefully like we were called to do. I truly believe God sent me Dr. Wayne Dyers material to teach me and help me feel and see what God has truly created me to see and feel and become. It's truly feeling his presence and experience that we become closer and start to enjoy what we have and fulfill our lives, sing our song.

I was taken by the scenery of the area they filmed especially the ocean and watching it go in and out like the earth is breathing as the tide goes in and out on the shore. The power and the beautiful of it is breath taking. I thought to myself I would love to vacation there, it seems so peaceful.

Another part was two people talking about the tree's how beautiful that are and that it looked like they were reaching for each other. I thought about that for a min. True they could be reaching as they are breathing, eating and drinking like we do. I have made it a note to myself to pay more attention to the tree's.

The last thing I was thinking about today was the comment Dr. Dyer said about how for 9 months we have everything we need, why cant we have that for the next 90 years. One person asked "Why not?" and the answer was "We interfere."

Time to let go and let God

Have a Sensational Weekend.

love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, March 4, 2010


March 4th 2010.

This morning I spent my time watching the Shift by Wayne Dyer. I had watched it before but it did not have as much meaning to me as it did today. The movie is about making shift in your life to what you were called to do in this life and how we go through life.

I was so touched by this, thinking of my life so far and wondering where I left my childhood dreams and passion that God had put into my life. It's sad how we go through life being told what to think, say and do from all those around us and we take on those views and beliefs instead of listening to what God is saying to us and calling us to do. We go through life trying to be something we are not to impress people and make people like us and really not doing what we were called to.

We are surrounded by so much negative information from the News, TV shows, Newspaper people looking at life as bad. I see so many people who walk around seeing the bad in everything or looking for what is wrong with the world instead of what is right there in front of us. I look outside today and see the most beautiful Sun, the blue sky and the sound of the birds singing the great song of the earth that spring is on our way. I see God all around us in everything if we just look. Yet we miss that. I have missed that. I have been one of them and have realized in my head but not my heart until today.

One that really spoke to me today while watching, by Dr Dyer was "what if my whole life I was wrong and then I died". Then Wayne Dyer said to himself "don't die with your music still in you. WOW what powerful words. I thought to myself am I living with my song un-sung. Are you living with your music still in you? Are you holding onto it until that one day comes?

I found myself not living that life as I have been called to. I have been listening to what everyone else is saying with all there fears and there biases and negative beliefs within them. Instead I find myself listening more to what God is saying to me.

Dr. Dyer then talked about the Greek word Ethos's Yasim a Greek word which means The God within. When you have passion and enthusiasm for something, that is God speaking to you.

The question to ask your self is what have you been called to do?

What is the passion within you?

What is that song that is waiting to be sung?

If you have time watch the movie the Shift by Wayne Dyer.

Have a Sensational day.

love always
Julie Elliott

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th----Belief.

Over the past week I have been thinking about all the things I have watched and listen to about Belief and Believing. Due to the Olympics it is everywhere and I can't help but think about that. Over the past few weeks at church we have talked about it and I watch a very powerful video my Dr. Wayne Dyer called Excuses Begone. It really made me think about all the things I believe and have been told over the years to believe without really thinking about it. It's funny how we make up things to excuse ourselves from doing things. It hit me when Dr Dyer said (God said all things are possible) then he paused and asked everyone (what is left, What is impossible).

Then today I came across a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton on YouTube called the Biology of Belief. Knock your socks off. He talked a lot about how we have so much power within our bodies through what we believe. We can make ourselves sick and make ourself well all by what we think and what we surround ourselves with. God made our body perfect and it can do some amazing things like heal itself. (IF YOU GET THE CHANCE WATCH IT). Dr. Dyer also reminded me to pay attention to what you surround your self with. Do you watch the News, CNN, reality shows full of Negative talk and behaviour. Your body is taking that all in. He also reminded me of when we sleep our Subconious mind kicks in and works all night long. What is the last thing you see or think about at night. Your body will fester all night with that.

A great example is to think about the great things you have in your life and the things you would like to do see and have 5 Min's before going to sleep.

In your prayers are you really believing that God is going to do and help you accomplish these things you ask for or do you ask for the same thing day after day. Do we take action on these things or just go about our day hoping he will just do something.

God gave us some amazing and powerful gifts and our body and minds are some of them.

Here is the video below I was talking about. I hope you enjoy.

Love always
Julie Elliott

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7th deep in thought

I awoke today feeling more alive then the past week. I am weak from not eating much, but that is okay. I believe it was time to clean out the body. Over the past few days I have been thinking about how many time I have been sick threw the year, then I realized something. I am sick on and off all year long and have been for a long time. Made me really think about the food's I have been eating and really thinking about all the stuff they put into our food to preserve it and how so many people are sick with Disease and Cancers. When I look back to when I was little or my parents age we did not see much of this. I think growing my own food and eating all live foods is sounding better and better everyday. I truly believe that the food companies are all making us sick and dependent with there addictive additives.

We are all getting way to busy and not taking to time to enjoy cooking and spending time doing that with our families, We are always rushing hear and there to go to things and working more to have more stuff. I am reminded of a dear friend telling us you cant take the stuff with you. You never see a Hurst pulling a U-haul. I find people have forgotten the true meaning in life. It's about Family and friends and sharing and helping others.

I realized that I have been stressing and worrying and filling up my time and thoughts with some many things that my body has always been in the fight mode. Since being introduced to MaxGXL my sick days have been much less and I am very grateful and thankful for Rick and Elaine for introducing this to Ed and I. I have a long way to go but that is okay, it's a journey I must go through to get to the bright light on the other side.

Today we were touched by the hearts and songs of the guys from Teen Challenge farm. After hearing them sing and tell there heart wrenching story's of the trial and troubles they had gone through, it made me think about our life and how great we have it and have no reason to complain. There was not a dry eye in the place. Beautiful.

This afternoon we took Abigail to the Art Gallery to attend an open art session, which was great. It was great to sit and watch Abbie and the great group of kids creating things together. Being creative and opening there minds to world around them. We had a handful of things to bring home. She even made a toy for Willow our cat. I will say I was very tired and could not wait to get home to rest. Abbie is off to her friends while I sit hear thinking about the weekend.

I hope and pray everyone have a great healthy week ahead.

Enjoy the big game. Who is going to win?

Friday, February 5, 2010

First day Blogging

Hello to my family and friends. We are on day 4 of feeling ill. We have come down with the Norwalk Virus, which has been not been fun and is talking it's time to leave us. We have heard from many people that it is a tough one to get ride off. We are starting back our MaxGXL products and Vitimins to boast our system back up. Abbie and I are having fun working on all her homework she has to catch up on and learning about blogs and creating them. This is part of the computer teaching Ed and I will be teaching Abbie at home as part of her Education seeing how fast tecnology is growing and changing. We are praying for good health over the weekend and get back to having fun.