Friday, March 5, 2010


MARCH 5 2010

Today I spent some time listening to the shift again and making notes as I went along that really spoke to me. I was taken by the opening music that played by Christopher Ferreira. Truly beautiful. I posted the song on my facebook page and below.

There is so much in that movie to write about and to apply to my life. I feel each time I watch it I learn something else. Part of me today was getting angry as I looked back over my life so far and noticed what I have missed and failed to do.. It has been a difficult day. I am guessing it's the EGO trying to hang on to me, wanting to be in control instead of letting go. I loved what Dr. Dyer said about the EGO. It means Edge God out. Another friend of mine had told me that one a few weeks ago as well. One great thought Dr. Dyer said the Ego always try's to make you right.

I was listening and checking my facebook account when I saw that Dr. Dyer had put up a quote which said. " Practice the art of allowing, watch your body as it goes through it's motions." How many of us really do that in our day? I find myself so busy most of the time I do not notice. something to pay attention to.

One thing that really stuck out to me today was when the mother in the movie told her kid's that they were going to un-plug for the weekend. What a statement to today's world. So much of life in evolved around the computer now, so much so we forget to look out the window and enjoy what is around us. We have become so consumed by technology and knowing everything. Even in our kids today I see it. no one plays outside anymore. You never see boys playing hockey in the streets and little grils skipping with there skip ropes. The real truth of it is we have all forgotten how to have fun and how to connect with others.

We are so blessed to have so many great people out there to teach us what they have gone through and help us live our lives fully and purposefully like we were called to do. I truly believe God sent me Dr. Wayne Dyers material to teach me and help me feel and see what God has truly created me to see and feel and become. It's truly feeling his presence and experience that we become closer and start to enjoy what we have and fulfill our lives, sing our song.

I was taken by the scenery of the area they filmed especially the ocean and watching it go in and out like the earth is breathing as the tide goes in and out on the shore. The power and the beautiful of it is breath taking. I thought to myself I would love to vacation there, it seems so peaceful.

Another part was two people talking about the tree's how beautiful that are and that it looked like they were reaching for each other. I thought about that for a min. True they could be reaching as they are breathing, eating and drinking like we do. I have made it a note to myself to pay more attention to the tree's.

The last thing I was thinking about today was the comment Dr. Dyer said about how for 9 months we have everything we need, why cant we have that for the next 90 years. One person asked "Why not?" and the answer was "We interfere."

Time to let go and let God

Have a Sensational Weekend.

love always
Julie Elliott


  1. I like what you said about un-plugging. Looking forward to that tomorrow. .. and Ego meaning Edge God Out. For real! Thanks

  2. Your welcome Patrick. You have some time you should watch the Movie the shift. If you go to Youtube you will find it. It's really good. Have a Sensational weekend.

  3. Julie you've captured the essence of how to reconnect with our true selves. I haven't seen the movie but I love Wayne Dyer. Reminds me, I must read his latest book. Thanks so much. Stew Shaw.