Thursday, March 4, 2010


March 4th 2010.

This morning I spent my time watching the Shift by Wayne Dyer. I had watched it before but it did not have as much meaning to me as it did today. The movie is about making shift in your life to what you were called to do in this life and how we go through life.

I was so touched by this, thinking of my life so far and wondering where I left my childhood dreams and passion that God had put into my life. It's sad how we go through life being told what to think, say and do from all those around us and we take on those views and beliefs instead of listening to what God is saying to us and calling us to do. We go through life trying to be something we are not to impress people and make people like us and really not doing what we were called to.

We are surrounded by so much negative information from the News, TV shows, Newspaper people looking at life as bad. I see so many people who walk around seeing the bad in everything or looking for what is wrong with the world instead of what is right there in front of us. I look outside today and see the most beautiful Sun, the blue sky and the sound of the birds singing the great song of the earth that spring is on our way. I see God all around us in everything if we just look. Yet we miss that. I have missed that. I have been one of them and have realized in my head but not my heart until today.

One that really spoke to me today while watching, by Dr Dyer was "what if my whole life I was wrong and then I died". Then Wayne Dyer said to himself "don't die with your music still in you. WOW what powerful words. I thought to myself am I living with my song un-sung. Are you living with your music still in you? Are you holding onto it until that one day comes?

I found myself not living that life as I have been called to. I have been listening to what everyone else is saying with all there fears and there biases and negative beliefs within them. Instead I find myself listening more to what God is saying to me.

Dr. Dyer then talked about the Greek word Ethos's Yasim a Greek word which means The God within. When you have passion and enthusiasm for something, that is God speaking to you.

The question to ask your self is what have you been called to do?

What is the passion within you?

What is that song that is waiting to be sung?

If you have time watch the movie the Shift by Wayne Dyer.

Have a Sensational day.

love always
Julie Elliott


  1. I agree that it's easy to become cynical and jaded as we "mature". We become inward-looking, protective and live in fear of future regret.

    A long walk with the dog usually sorts out my cynicism. To see the beauty and miracle of nature first hand - to spend the time to notice it - that's the best way, for me, to reconnect with what's important.

    For me, it's not necessarily "God" but I understand what you mean. Living without the fear of making a fool for yourself seems risky, and is certainly hard, but is the only way to a fulfilled life as far as I'm concerned. Life is, after all, much too short to be spent living in fear of failure.

    Good luck with the blogging - interesting stuff.


  2. Thank you Kevin for shareing. You are so right life is much too short.