Monday, March 29, 2010

Seeing the Beauty in a Cloudy day

This past week I have been reflecting on many talks I have heard, the movie The Shift, and what I have been thinking. I just love listening to the music from the Shift movie, it is truly peaceful and beautiful. I find it gives my mind and body time to relax.

One thing I noticed was the beauty in the movie, and around me now. I noticed that it is cloudy and kind of dull outside today. For the first time I realized how beautiful it all is. It made me think about all the years I have viewed the a cloudy and dull day as depressing when the sun is not out or when it rains. So many people today have the same view about the weather. We talk about that in the school parking lot, at work, and at church. A few years ago our family went to Jamaica on March break and I loved how the people that lived there would call rain (liquid Sunshine). They really appreciated the rain.

As I sit here looking out my window seeing the bird's flying noticing the beautiful colours of them and see the green grass coming up and the squirrels running around. I am taken by the magnificence of the big tree's and wondering what they have been through and seen. It's amazing how we go through life not paying attention to the simple things around us.

I realized that how I feel about the weather or the day is all about in how I think about it. It came to my attention yesterday when someone said to me it's a dull yucky day and I responded it's just a day. I thought who came up with that, it's a yucky day or a great day. What makes a great day? Does the weather determine what kind of day it's going to be or do we decided what kind of day it's going to be?

Stop and take a look around you notice the beauty in nature.

Have a Sensational Day!

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. Great thoughts Julie! The day is what you make of it....hope yours is a good one. :)

  2. It is so amazing to gaze upon the creation that God has made for us all and just drink it in. I to believe that every day and every moment is what we choose for it to me. Thanks for sharing this great message sweetie!
    Love you

  3. Thank you Janine and Ed for your comments. The day has been great. I spent two hours at the gym. Pumped and ready to go. Your right Janine the day is what you make of it. We must choose to make it great, make every Min Count.

  4. Hi Julie,
    The movie 'the Shift' sounds interesting I haven't heard of that one, maybe it hasn't made it to New Zealand yet :).
    Thank you for sharing your appreciation of the beauty around you.
    I read somewhere that some people don't see the silver lining in the cloud because they are looking for gold.
    I think we can establish a habit to look for the positive aspects every day and we will feel much better because of it.

    Love and Joy