Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hello everyone

Have you ever thought of how much power your Brain/mind has?

Do you know how it works?

This past week I have been reading the book "Change Your Brain Change Your Body by Daniel G. Amen, MD. Check out this video).

While only reading the first few chapters I have learned the power of your brain and how food/drink effect your brain.

I think we have all heard the saying Drugs with Kill brain cells. Well in this book is shows and talks about how Alcohol,Coffee,tea, and pops all do the same thing. It actually eats away at the brain. I was shocked to read that. Then it made a lot of sense. Since drinking coffee every morning I have noticed my mental focus slide and my attention to details not working well, Could the Coffee, Tea and the Alchohol be effecting my brain in that way.

While reading on to fat in the body I learned about how to much fat in our body also eats away at the brain as well. It talked in great detail about Leptin and how when you eat to much over time the leptin in your brain which tells your stumic that you are full stops working, which makes sense to why I will over eat sometimes. Google the word Leptin and also www.max.com and look up WLX which is something I have been using the help reprogram the leptin in your body as well as the Hormones.

He also talked in great detail about how most people today especially overweight people do not get enough Vitamin D. My Natural Path was telling me that just recently as well, so we started taking D drops on days where I am not in the sun so much. She told me that the best time to be in the sun is Midday when your shadow is smaller than you is when you body will produce Vitamin D with the help of the sun. When you think about that, that time of day is when most of us are in an office or our kids are in school.

Another very interesting study they found is in how the brain works with Technology and being over simulated with it. He talked about how Men in Particular are having so much personal issues is that they are to busy with all the Technology, the games, email, social media, videos. Cell phone and Ipad. He talked about how they get a lot of personal excitement and attention to that, that they forget about the simpler things, especially if you are married or in a relationship. They are starting to see some of the same in women as well.

Some recommendations he suggested were:

1. Protect your brain: Feed it good info and food.
2. Eat a good Diet
3. Take daily Vitamins, Minerals, and fish oil. (Good quality) (we know some great ones)
4. Exercise: Great for Blood flow to the brain, Improves Oxygen to the brain.
5.Get enough sleep: at least 7 hours
6. Meditate.
7. Relax
8. Practice Gratitude.
9. Have more sex.
10. Balance your hormones.

I will continue to blog on what I learn from this great book. It is differently worth picking up and reading.

Have a great week

Love always
Julie Elliott

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Power of what you think and journaling

Do you Write?

Do you have great ideas but then never write it down?

Do you have goals and dreams but there all in your head?

Do you ever have a real challenging day and you get home eat and sit in front of the TV feeling frustrated about everything?

I have found that writing down my day has helped me through so many trails, and it's really fun to look back at them to see how far I have come or what I need to work on.

They have said that people who write down there goals and dreams and who journal accomplish much more in life then those who do not. Powerful when you think about it.

Over the past a couple of months since I purchased the book and watched Louise L Hay's You can Heal you life and Dr Wayne Dyers "The Shift" I have been writing more about what I would like to do and have in my life. Like:

Better Health
more Passion
strong marriage
more kids
successful business etc.

Here are two movie that have really inspired me

I noticed that this past week I have been feeling kind of sad and overwhelmed. I realized today that I have not been journaling this past week. Ops Really helps you stay focused. I find it very helpful to plan out my day as well. Some one once told us to pick the 6 most important things you must do in your day and do the hard ones first. Those things you tend to set aside.

Being at home I have found it challenging to focus because there is so much to do within the house life, clean. laundry, gardening, cooking, kids stuff ready, sending emails, reply to emails. I find I have been trying to do to much at once. So I am back to the drawing board with the planning and Journaling.

8 Years ago my husband and I went to see some speakers in Toronto ( well I wanted to see Dr Phil) and many other speakers. There was one who really stood out. His name is Robin Sharma. http://www.robinsharma.com

80% of what we have learned has been from Robin Sharma. Check out his website. He is a great Leadership Coach and travels all over the world helping people lead without a title. Amazing man.

He talked about the power of Journaling and how that helps us stay on track and accomplish our goals and help us with our challenges. I have been try to practice this ever since.

Pick up a pen and starting writing, You never know you could have a book in you

Hope everyone is having an amazing week

Love always
Julie Elliott

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weight Loss Journey week 2

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on Ed and our videos and our blog's.

I am excited to share that I have lost 5 pounds since June 1st. and down 1% Body fat.

Over this past week I have been really think about what I have accomplished in my life. I never really thought about that so much, at least I have not ever written it down so that I could see it. Our Coach had asked me to focus on that this week and then really think about what it is I want to accomplish Like how much weight loss and how it will feel, to measurements and taking close up pictures.

I spent some time thinking about the end in mind and then writing out what it would take to accomplish this. Example:

Workout 5-6 day a week
Cardio 40 mins a day
Weight days 3 days a week
Walking at night with family
5-6 Mini Meals
Water 6-8 cups a day
WLX x2 1/2 hour before I eat main meals (Helps me to not over eat)
Meal plans for the week. Done on a Sunday

I spent some time thinking about how I would feel when I have lost the weight and what kind of clothes I would wear to what kind of energy would I have. I am focusing on how I feel and how my clothes fit rather than on the scale as much this time.

My biggest challenge has been the weekends. I have been having a few coolers and Natcho chips sometimes Ice Cream. I have planned to eat good on the weekends but I slip up. I find it helps to Journal when that come up. I ask question like:

1. Why do I want this food?
2. What feeling are going on inside me? (am I stressed, Worried, Tired, Board, Upset etc)
3. Will eating this food help me in my journey?

I find going for a walk really helps by overcoming a lot of these challenges.

This week I am focusing on my workouts and drinking enough water and journaling and getting reconnected with the group from http://www.transformation.com/ and starting to do more videos.

And of course the most important is the affirmations. I have many written out on little cards that I carry around with me, I try to say them in front of a mirror and strange as that sounds, it really works. Yesterday I started listening to Affirmations on Cd's that Ed and I bought from T Harv Eker. So I am always feeding my brain positive information.

I have been using Louise L Hay "Heal your Life" affirmations and workbook. If you have a chance watch the movie "you can heal your life" It's on http://www.youtube.com/ and you can purchase it and Chapters/indigo Amazon etc.

Here is our update video for this past week. Check it out...

Well Here is to another great week.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

Love always
Julie Elliott

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shocking Discovery

Hello Everyone.

Yesterday afternoon while we were making dinner my husband Ed brought up a binder he found in our basement that belonged to me.

To start this off for those who do not know me or what I am about. I have been learning a lot about Leadership, changing life for the better by taking action and practicing positive affirmations and getting physical activity and trying to eat healthy.

The biggest things that I have been trying hard to change is my mind set and how I think and changing it to be more supportive, positive. I started to when I learned a lot of it from Robin Sharma who wrote "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari".

Well Ed had brought up this binder from the YMCA I took when I was taking the aerobic Instructor course when I was in grade 12, that is going back awhile. I open up the binder and what do I see, in my own hand writing....... Positive self talk, the power of affirmations. I almost started to cry......

I was shocked. I was taught this many many years ago and it did not sink in back then completely, Well I think it had some impact because I had a better attitude about others and how they felt back then but the other stuff personally for myself did not. I felt very sad, to see that I am finally getting that message almost 20 years later.

Ed told me something that I never thought about or heard before, That sometimes it takes 7 times to hear/read a message before it clicks. Make's you think about the past and really think about how much more there may be that I was taught and did not get back then and could be showing up know. It is truly amazing how you can live your life and really not be paying attention, until you get a wake up call many years later.

What kind of things have you been taught in the past that you are getting now?

Have you read books many time's over and learned something different each time you read it?

What have you learned from your past experiances?

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Love always
Julie Elliott