Friday, June 4, 2010

Shocking Discovery

Hello Everyone.

Yesterday afternoon while we were making dinner my husband Ed brought up a binder he found in our basement that belonged to me.

To start this off for those who do not know me or what I am about. I have been learning a lot about Leadership, changing life for the better by taking action and practicing positive affirmations and getting physical activity and trying to eat healthy.

The biggest things that I have been trying hard to change is my mind set and how I think and changing it to be more supportive, positive. I started to when I learned a lot of it from Robin Sharma who wrote "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari".

Well Ed had brought up this binder from the YMCA I took when I was taking the aerobic Instructor course when I was in grade 12, that is going back awhile. I open up the binder and what do I see, in my own hand writing....... Positive self talk, the power of affirmations. I almost started to cry......

I was shocked. I was taught this many many years ago and it did not sink in back then completely, Well I think it had some impact because I had a better attitude about others and how they felt back then but the other stuff personally for myself did not. I felt very sad, to see that I am finally getting that message almost 20 years later.

Ed told me something that I never thought about or heard before, That sometimes it takes 7 times to hear/read a message before it clicks. Make's you think about the past and really think about how much more there may be that I was taught and did not get back then and could be showing up know. It is truly amazing how you can live your life and really not be paying attention, until you get a wake up call many years later.

What kind of things have you been taught in the past that you are getting now?

Have you read books many time's over and learned something different each time you read it?

What have you learned from your past experiances?

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. Julie - I completely know how you feel. My Mother did her best to give me self esteem, but I never did quite learn to believe in myself until recently.

    Hey - I don't see you in TSA - have you thought about putting your blog there? I think you could inspire many people:)

    Nice Post!

  2. Julie,
    Your post resonates so much for me. I used to plaster my bedroom walls with great sayings, yet never really understood the messages.

    Now I am open to receiving the messages that I loved then and do more today!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Val ;)
    Also, welcome to TSA :)

  3. Hi Julie,
    You are on one of the most amazing journey - and that is of self realization. Stay on course. If you keep catching your thoughts and change them to be positive - t will become easier. For me I had to experience , or acknowledge things about myself that got me to think better about myself ... it is a challenge but one well worth it. I look forward to following your path and am thinking of you.. :-)

  4. Thank you Glynahumm for your comments. I joined TSA this morning.

    Thank you Val Wilcox, I used to do the same thing with my basement where I would workout, We would put up Poster with Positive sayings.

    Thank you Lesly Federici, Funny how that works seeing hearing things many times but not really getting it until later in life. I guess it's in the right time.

    I look forward to shareing and learning for each other.

    Love always
    Julie Elliott