Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weight Loss Journey week 2

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on Ed and our videos and our blog's.

I am excited to share that I have lost 5 pounds since June 1st. and down 1% Body fat.

Over this past week I have been really think about what I have accomplished in my life. I never really thought about that so much, at least I have not ever written it down so that I could see it. Our Coach had asked me to focus on that this week and then really think about what it is I want to accomplish Like how much weight loss and how it will feel, to measurements and taking close up pictures.

I spent some time thinking about the end in mind and then writing out what it would take to accomplish this. Example:

Workout 5-6 day a week
Cardio 40 mins a day
Weight days 3 days a week
Walking at night with family
5-6 Mini Meals
Water 6-8 cups a day
WLX x2 1/2 hour before I eat main meals (Helps me to not over eat)
Meal plans for the week. Done on a Sunday

I spent some time thinking about how I would feel when I have lost the weight and what kind of clothes I would wear to what kind of energy would I have. I am focusing on how I feel and how my clothes fit rather than on the scale as much this time.

My biggest challenge has been the weekends. I have been having a few coolers and Natcho chips sometimes Ice Cream. I have planned to eat good on the weekends but I slip up. I find it helps to Journal when that come up. I ask question like:

1. Why do I want this food?
2. What feeling are going on inside me? (am I stressed, Worried, Tired, Board, Upset etc)
3. Will eating this food help me in my journey?

I find going for a walk really helps by overcoming a lot of these challenges.

This week I am focusing on my workouts and drinking enough water and journaling and getting reconnected with the group from http://www.transformation.com/ and starting to do more videos.

And of course the most important is the affirmations. I have many written out on little cards that I carry around with me, I try to say them in front of a mirror and strange as that sounds, it really works. Yesterday I started listening to Affirmations on Cd's that Ed and I bought from T Harv Eker. So I am always feeding my brain positive information.

I have been using Louise L Hay "Heal your Life" affirmations and workbook. If you have a chance watch the movie "you can heal your life" It's on http://www.youtube.com/ and you can purchase it and Chapters/indigo Amazon etc.

Here is our update video for this past week. Check it out...

Well Here is to another great week.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
Walt Disney

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. Julie,
    Such inspirations to share your journey with us. You are rockin' it girl! Keep going and showing us the power of following yur dreams.
    Val :)

  2. Julie, more power to you. Finding the strength to share your journey with your readers is half the battle. I wish you good luck and will certainly follow your journey through your blog.

  3. Hi Julie,

    Great job! I'm a big believer in the affirmations as that with accountability is what I believe made the difference for me. I appreciate your transparency. I'm cheering for you . . . Go Julie Go!

    Debbie Stevens

  4. Julie,
    Way to go girl! I applaud you for stepping up to the plate and making your intentions public. You have a lot of friends sending good wishes your way. You can do it!

  5. I know you can do especially with all of us as your accountability partners.I help people lose so if you want to talk,I will be happy to help you for free. I have some suggestions that will help.

  6. Great job Julie stating your intentions is a big step.


  7. Hey Julie! Good for you! I see from my blog that you have a bodyforlife address - are you doing BFL? I did BFL many years ago - and I still hang out on a board where we have all, I think, done BFL at one point or another - we've been together for years supporting each other with workouts and diet - feel free to join us for some support! I am sure you could inspire some of us that need a kick :):) We are at:


  8. Hi Julie
    That;s great! 5 lbs less! that's super! I have to lose weight to so you are inspiring me. I am a stress eater ... yikes! I have those same affirmation cards too. Love them. Take one day at a time, that's all you can do.. I send you a big hug of congratulations! :-)

  9. Hi Julie - I am so inspired by you - 5 lbs - that is so awesome. Ok - I am almost to the point of joining you with this weightloss journey. I just have to get my intentions in order just like you have. Thanks for the inspiration:)

    BTW - what is WLX?

  10. Thank you Val. We are having fun doing it. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I forgot to check my own blog. Hope your having a great week.

  11. Thank you Karin. I have tired this many times before but I find I would stop, now I have accountability to everyone checking in. Thank you for your support. Hope you are having a wonderful week

  12. Hello Debbie. Thank you for your support. You have inspired me to get moving ever since Ed shared your story with me. Hope you are having a great week. Love ya

  13. Thank you so much Darlene that means a lot. I need all the support I can get. Looking forward to sharing and learning from you. Hope you are having a great week.

  14. Beverly thank you very much that means a lot. I love learning new stuff, that would be very kind of you. Shoot me an email. Thank you for your support. Hope you are having a great week.

  15. Thank you Michael, it's what drives me to keep going. Hope you are having an amazing week.

  16. Lori thank you very much. Yes I did Body for Life about 11 years ago, before I had my daughter and did very well, but then after my daughter we slacked off and tried again many many times. I am now with Bill Phillips with his new program called Transformation which an 18 week program with amazing written assignments and a great community. www.transformation.com Is the one you are with, with his brother Shawn? Hope you are having a wonderful week

  17. Hey Lesly. Thank you, Yes I am a stress eater to, can be challenging but I just keep going. I am trying to do the affirmations in front of the mirror and listening to some in the car. Hope you are having a great week.

  18. Hello Glyna, great to hear from you. Please come join us, we are having lots of fun. Some day's are harder then others but all good, and we are learning as we go.

    You can learn about the WLX at:


    Click the Products button and then WLX

    If you want to know more shoot me an email.

    Hope you are having a great week.