Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24th 2010 (Who I am)

This week has been a challenging one for me. From Sunday on has been crazy. On Sunday our Pastor said he hoped that the message he gave us stirs us. WOW did it and made me really think about life and who I am and who is Jesus and why is it so many of us, myself included, do not get it or feel always that we have to change or be going through challenges all the time.

I started a course this week called The Heart Physics from Dr. James Richards. He talks about how God is a heart God. Everything is experienced through the heart. God will work through your heart. He talked in great lengths about how we need stop trying to change and just Be and to let God do a Transformation within us.

One thing that really stood out for me that Dr. Richards said was "If Christ is in me, than I will no longer try and get God to give me things. If I am who he says I am. If I have what he says I have, If I can do what he says I can do. I should simply live life to it's fullest, while making my life count". How many time's have I thought about just that (living life to the fullest and making my life count). How many year have I thought about doing that something and I find myself still thinking about it.

I wondered why, Why I am still there, why is it that so many of us are stuck. While listening to the talk he mentioned that as people we fear Freedom. WHY is that? Why would we fear something so great. Silly when you think about it. But the real thing behind that is we fear freedom because freedom can only be obtained to the degree that we accept personal responsibility. So much of our human nature wants to play the victim and blame others and say it's because of who ever or what ever. I have been doing that for so long and taking on what others say about me or about my ideas I would take that personally instead of just listening and letting it go. Or being really hurt when other stop talking to me. I am reminded not to take that personally as that is something they are going through and I need to love them anyway and respect and forgive them and talk to them despite how they behave. I need to be strong in who I am. I realized I need to be responsible for letting go and truly loving people no matter who they are what they believe, respecting them for sharing and then go on, not letting the past suck me back in.

If I except the reality that Christ is in me and all that he has and all that he is and all that he can do is in me and that I am a new person with a new power and new abilities he can work wonders in my life and I will do great things. I now have one responsibility to believe that the truth is in my heart.

Through all of this I am reminded that I need to awake early and have what a great friend taught us (Robin Sharma) is our Holy hour. Time to Meditate, Read, Pray, Journal. There is something Magical about getting up early like 5:ooam, it's so quiet and peaceful and then get a workout in to get the body moving and the creative juices flowing to conquer the day.

Love always
Julie Elliott :)

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  1. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for this amazing post Sweetie!
    It has reminded me again that live should be focused first on "Being" and then through our Being we can determine the appropriate action and "Doing" to do. Time to step it up a notch.
    Thank so much for your insights and blessed words.
    Love Forever,