Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th----Belief.

Over the past week I have been thinking about all the things I have watched and listen to about Belief and Believing. Due to the Olympics it is everywhere and I can't help but think about that. Over the past few weeks at church we have talked about it and I watch a very powerful video my Dr. Wayne Dyer called Excuses Begone. It really made me think about all the things I believe and have been told over the years to believe without really thinking about it. It's funny how we make up things to excuse ourselves from doing things. It hit me when Dr Dyer said (God said all things are possible) then he paused and asked everyone (what is left, What is impossible).

Then today I came across a video with Dr. Bruce Lipton on YouTube called the Biology of Belief. Knock your socks off. He talked a lot about how we have so much power within our bodies through what we believe. We can make ourselves sick and make ourself well all by what we think and what we surround ourselves with. God made our body perfect and it can do some amazing things like heal itself. (IF YOU GET THE CHANCE WATCH IT). Dr. Dyer also reminded me to pay attention to what you surround your self with. Do you watch the News, CNN, reality shows full of Negative talk and behaviour. Your body is taking that all in. He also reminded me of when we sleep our Subconious mind kicks in and works all night long. What is the last thing you see or think about at night. Your body will fester all night with that.

A great example is to think about the great things you have in your life and the things you would like to do see and have 5 Min's before going to sleep.

In your prayers are you really believing that God is going to do and help you accomplish these things you ask for or do you ask for the same thing day after day. Do we take action on these things or just go about our day hoping he will just do something.

God gave us some amazing and powerful gifts and our body and minds are some of them.

Here is the video below I was talking about. I hope you enjoy.

Love always
Julie Elliott

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