Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7th deep in thought

I awoke today feeling more alive then the past week. I am weak from not eating much, but that is okay. I believe it was time to clean out the body. Over the past few days I have been thinking about how many time I have been sick threw the year, then I realized something. I am sick on and off all year long and have been for a long time. Made me really think about the food's I have been eating and really thinking about all the stuff they put into our food to preserve it and how so many people are sick with Disease and Cancers. When I look back to when I was little or my parents age we did not see much of this. I think growing my own food and eating all live foods is sounding better and better everyday. I truly believe that the food companies are all making us sick and dependent with there addictive additives.

We are all getting way to busy and not taking to time to enjoy cooking and spending time doing that with our families, We are always rushing hear and there to go to things and working more to have more stuff. I am reminded of a dear friend telling us you cant take the stuff with you. You never see a Hurst pulling a U-haul. I find people have forgotten the true meaning in life. It's about Family and friends and sharing and helping others.

I realized that I have been stressing and worrying and filling up my time and thoughts with some many things that my body has always been in the fight mode. Since being introduced to MaxGXL my sick days have been much less and I am very grateful and thankful for Rick and Elaine for introducing this to Ed and I. I have a long way to go but that is okay, it's a journey I must go through to get to the bright light on the other side.

Today we were touched by the hearts and songs of the guys from Teen Challenge farm. After hearing them sing and tell there heart wrenching story's of the trial and troubles they had gone through, it made me think about our life and how great we have it and have no reason to complain. There was not a dry eye in the place. Beautiful.

This afternoon we took Abigail to the Art Gallery to attend an open art session, which was great. It was great to sit and watch Abbie and the great group of kids creating things together. Being creative and opening there minds to world around them. We had a handful of things to bring home. She even made a toy for Willow our cat. I will say I was very tired and could not wait to get home to rest. Abbie is off to her friends while I sit hear thinking about the weekend.

I hope and pray everyone have a great healthy week ahead.

Enjoy the big game. Who is going to win?

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  1. Hey Julie! So glad to hear you are feeling better. I agree about the poor state of our food sources! I have good intentions when I go to the grocery store, and try to "shop the outside edges" where all the "healthy" food is....but then the frozen pizza aisle calls my name and I'm lost! :)

    Can I link to your blog on my blog? Mine's at You can put mine on yours if you'd like. :D