Monday, September 6, 2010

Taking Responsibility

Do you take responsibility for your life?

Over the past few weeks we have been watching people and a lot in the news who complain about things but take no responsibility for themselves and taking action or not taking action in life. They expect others to do the work for them or find the answers instead of steping out there and doing that themselves.

We are starting to see more and more of it through out the years especially in the school systems, to business. We see so many who say they cant do something because they do not get paid enough or it is up to the government to come up with the money or make a program before people will take action and make a difference.

I was really surprised that we have become so dependent on the government to do everything for us. The government was never made to do everything for us, but to govern the country not pay for everything.

This really stood out for me today while I was watching the news about the dangers of hoarders and house fires that have been happening. There was this wonderfully lady who spoke about how it a problem we need to help these people but we do not have the money to support it.


We should be going out and helping those people out there who need help and not wait until the government give you money. We should be taking care of each other like we were called to do. We should be getting together and helps those in need and not expect something in return.

I am finding the sense of community windeling away, families are falling apart and both parents are working to keep up with the Jones (.I know not every family is like that). The love and compassion for others is slipping away and people and becoming quick to judge without truly knowing the heart and story of others or even care what may be going on in someones lives. We can each help someone through our experience in life, we do not need to always run to a specialist. We were called to help each other.

Who can you go out and help today?

Let's each step out there and help someone. Show compassion and love because
you never know when you are going to need it.

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. julie,
    I word of wisdom; you are a heart; I hope our community can find other hearts like yours.

  2. Great points Sweetie. We live is a society that is so dependent on others that we forget how to take responsibility for ourselves these days.
    Thanks for sharing this with us all.


  3. Found you through TSA. I totally agree that we should help each other more. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  4. You are so right Julie. It's easy to say that the problems of the world should be fixed by someone else.

    I want Full Bellies for All. Ending world hunger is inevitable.

  5. Very good point, Julie. The lack of personal responsibility is a pet peeve of mine. What's that quote..."Be the change you want to see in the world"? It's so true. If you aren't willing to personally step up and take responsibility, nobody else is going to do it for you.

  6. Julie~
    I couldn't agree with you more! For the past 10 years I was cautioning my children about the dangers online, now I've discovered this entire community of responsible, self-relient, contributors to society! I love it! I know there are bad people online, just like everywhere, yet you're one of many who are teaching and setting the example of what needs to happen to create a wonderful reality!
    ps. now if we could just get 'them' to read this! :)

  7. Julie, I have very little tolerance for people who can't take responsibility and play the victim card. Successful entrepreneurs are people who by nature take responsibility for their lives and their results. Thanks for raising this topic.

  8. Hiya Julie - Oooh, lots covered in that post! I agree with you about people 'needing' to be spoon fed. There's a big difference between those that genuinely need to be saved from falling through the cracks and those that manipulate a cumbersome government system for their own advantage, whilst avoiding contributing through work and taxes. I support the idea of the former and I detest the latter. Here in the UK, there are now multiple generations of families who have never worked. They are still given free or subsidised housing and they find their way into a plethora of other benefits, allowing for a pretty decent life style without ever having to lift a finger. The new government here in the UK is seeking to do something about this, and not before time. I really do support the welfare system though, for those that make the effort and need some extra support to make it. Either through tax credits, affordable housing or other assistance. Even then, I don't believe it should be open-ended.
    What I've seen is a government who has interfered, created a bit of a nanny state, and made a big mess of the whole thing to the point that the country is now facing years of austerity measure to dig our way out. This is something that the previous government tried to hang on the financial crisis but that was a smokescreen for years of mismanaging billions of pounds. I'm going to assume something similar happened in the US where you have an eye watering deficit. Where there is opportunity to milk the system, there are millions of people that will.

    The other point you made about keeping up with the Jones's is also an interesting one. Sure, there are people thrashing away to have a newer Beemer than the nearest neighbour. There are also couples who are working themselves to the bone just to cover the mortgage and ever increasing bills. In our house we've always tried really hard to live off of one salary and to have a parent at home with the kids, whilst doing freelance work from home for occasional extra income. In recent times, despite very good money coming in to the house, we started going backwards. Food prices are up as is the cost of fuel, utilities, insurance, taxes. The list goes on and on.

    In short, that's what brought me to where I am today. There had to be a better way. And there is! It takes a while, but it's worth it. It's all about taking responsibility for what you want, setting your course and doing it.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post!



  9. Hi Julie,

    You are so right! Until we take responsibility for our own lives we will always feel like a victim and powerless. Then we will never change because we now have someone to blame. However, that is a lie that will keep us from living a productive and happy life. We always have a choice in every situation. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. You are right on!

    Debbie Stevens

  10. Julie,
    Great post, very accurate and heartfelt! We DO need to take more responsibility for ourselves. And, we need to take more responsibility for helping our friends and family and loved ones as well. People rely on a government that can't do it and wasn't intended to do it and forget that we have and can create communities to so that we can take care of each other.
    Thanks so much,

  11. Hi Julie

    I So agree with you , Great Post.

    I learn something from my friends in the stats last month.

    If you take one O out of Good then you get "God"
    and that is why God is Good , now if we do Good to people we do what God want us to do to them and that is my passion to do Good to every one .

    We must not wait for the "Guv" to play "God" we must be God to people and start to do
    Good to every one cos that is His passion also.

    Make a great day you Rock.


  12. Hello Julie,

    Nice post and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I was just talking to my sweetheart the other day about this.

    So many people think our government should be taking care of them. While at the same time most people have gotten themselves where they are at in life by making bad choice's or lacking education on how to make things better for themselves or just out of pure being lazy.

    I was at a wedding reception a few years back and I went around talking to some people I had went to school with 15 years earlier and I asked them what was the last book they read since school...Out of the 9 people I asked this question to...All 9 said they had not read a book since high school. WOW!

    I find so many people stuck in the industrial age way of thinking. They have not moved with the times of this ever changing world we all live in. They remain living yesterday and keep clinging on to that way of thinking.

    Bottom line...They will be left behind! And these same people will want the Gov. to step in and save them!

    I say quit wanting to be saved or waiting to be saved and learn what you need to know in this changing world and get with the times and go out and make a difference.

    Weather you do it for yourself or someone else...Just do it and quit thinking everyone owes you something for nothing!

    Wishing you all my best :)

  13. Thank you Sarah and Ed, this has been something on my heart and mind for awhile. I would love to see a change. Thank you to both of you for helping and supporting me. Love ya

  14. Thank you Debbie, we truly can make a difference. love ya

  15. Thank you so much Beki. I love that quote. Very true and wise words

  16. Thank you Clare Kelway. I believe we need to help those to believe in themselves so they may get out of that victim mentality.

  17. Thank you so much Andrew for sharing your heart and passion. We have the same issues here in Canada as well. We need more people teaching and helping those to believe in them selves and show them they can be great and make a difference in this world.

  18. Thank you Debbie Stevens, Dr, Adam Sheck

  19. Thank you Theuns. Beautiful, I love it

  20. Some excellent points Julie, and more than anything, we DO need to help each other out!! I have been helped before, and now I help where I can!! It goes both ways, and like you said, people need to remember that ... we never know when it's going to be our turn to be in need!!

    Blessings ...

  21. Julie - Awesome post! You make such a great point here about helping one another and having compassion for those around us. I do think these things have been dwindling over the years too and that is definitely not a good thing. If more people would take your lead we would be better off.

  22. Hi Julie,

    This is a great, thought provoking post (as you can see by the amazing comments and reactions to it). I find that the online marketing community is an extraordinary group of people that society as a whole can learn a lot from. Almost everyone I meet in this industry is of the mindset of giving, not just giving value, but giving in a wide variety of manners. I often find, when I go out into the real world, that I am shocked by the selfishness of so many people. It is like two different worlds.
    I'm very proud to belong to a community of giving, selfless, professionals. I enjoy finding ways to help people. It may be as simple as opening a door for someone or letting them cut in to traffic ahead of you. These are small, insignificant things, but, it shows the world that there are still caring people in it. And, it makes you smile on the inside. :)


  23. As the saying goes "Be the change you want to see in the world". It starts with us taking responsibility personally and helping those around us. Great reminder Julie.

  24. Hey Julie,
    Do you know a quote by John Kennedy, he said "do not ask what the country can do for you, but ask what you can do for the country" and ties very well with your message for taking responsibility and yes let's each step out there and help someone.Thanks for sharing you are spot on.

    To your unlimited success,
    ~kebabope morapedi

  25. Julie

    Great post, you touched on a lot of good stuff here. People do need to take responsibility for their actions and the government needs to do their job as well, without putting people in further jeopardy. We do need to help each other in our desperate time of need. But it seems as the years go on people grow more distant from one another.

    Steven Dean

  26. Julie,

    We couldn't agree with you more. Rather than looking in the mirror and saying "what can I do to make a difference?" or "it's my responsibility to help others"... people are looking to others to do it instead. We can't lecture those individuals... the best we can do is lead by example.

    ~ Pat & Lorna

  27. Julie, I agree we are becoming more and more dependent upon government to do things for us. Sharron Angle, said once we have a majority that are dependent upon the government, we will lose our freedom; we go into bondage.

    Yes, we should take responsibility and help someone. We also should inspire other to take responsibility like you are doing in the fabulous post.

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA