Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Power Of A Orgainized Life

August 18th, 2010

Today I noticed that it has been just over two month since I started the dream project and where am I.

I spent some time looking back over all the times I have gained and lost weight and started really thinking about what is missing.

Why have I always gained back the weight over the years?

After spending time thinking, writing and talking my my husband (Ed Elliott) about what my challenges have been, I realized that my life is very busy and very un-organized as well as thinking about the positive and doing my affirmations. Looking around our house I have stuff everywhere. (Anyone who has kids will know some of that craziness). I realized I need to clear out the rooms and the closets and put some order into them and have the family work with me on the order of where things go so that we can have a cleaner easier home and life style.

I spent some time on Martha Stewart site and found some great checklist to help me stay on track and add some order to our place.

I noticed until I get my house and life in order I am always going to be feeling overwhelmed. In the past I have been filling it with food and also with the new self help book or program and only getting 1/2 way through it and then I am on to the next things never feeling changed completely. I have learned a lot from many of the great people out there over the years and have changed a lot within myself. Except the one very important thing in my life. My Health. I need to make that an important in my life. I need to be healthy and fit so I can take care of my family and live the life we have dreamed of.

I am still following along with the Transformation group. which has been a blessing in my life. They have been keeping me going and always trying through out the year. I have stayed around the same weight for the past 10 years. I realized I need to really focus on making the change within.

What things are holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed as I do?

Do you need to clean out your house and rooms?

Join me in cleaning out our homes and organizing our life. Join me in this next journey to clarity

Post your pictures before and afters and please share the change this has made in your life.

Love always

Julie Elliott


  1. Hi Julie,

    It's amazing how sometimes people are going through the same thing at the same time. I have been moving and am moving to a smaller place. I decided that I was going to get rid of things. I'm still working on it, but in my new place everything has a place and it's in good order. I feel so much better. So I know you're right. Get it done, because it will help you in your journey. Love you,

    Debbie Stevens

  2. Thank you Debbie. It truly amazing how something so simple can make the world of difference in our lives. I am doing a little bit each day and really going though everything. Your right it does feel good to have order.

  3. Hi Julie, It's great you are open and honest about this! I know Ed is fairly organized with his work/life from what he's said to me.

    I'm also very organized although I could always do more.

    I've been frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed in the past but I worked through it and needed it to happen to me in order to be able to help and teach productivity to other people.

    Whilst I'm very organized at home, my wife isn't, lol... so I have to compromise which i what marriage is all about.

    I hope you are well!

    PS I never know how to comment on Blogspot... it always brings up my unused Google blog I set up years ago. Have you thought about switching over to Wordpress?

  4. Hey Gavin. Great to hear from you.

    Worth work related things yes we are organized but when it comes to the house not so much. But I am going to change that.

    It is true it does become very stressful and overwhelming over time and then your creativity disappears and life becomes a bit of a challenge.

    I am currently working on changing over everything to wordpress. Ed is helping me in that area.

    Have an amazing weekend. Love ya

  5. Great idea Julie. I just got connected to a Feng Shui expert on Facebook today. We are moving and throwing away and giving away and clearing out the clutter. I am with you on this one! Clear out the clutter. I just had to clean out our closet about a month ago, but I felt so good I cleaned out all the bathroom drawers. Go for it!

  6. Hi Judy

    I Cant agree more with you Time planing is
    one of the most important thing to do and
    to stay focus on it.

    Yes and then the Weight lost problem you are talking about, i say every thing start in the mind from there you create your outer world, so if the problem start there we must start there to overcome it also.

    We need to put mind over matter not matter over mind and make the mind blind :-) , and that is what we do if we focus on the problem we give the mind the wrong picture to work with you can go to my Life Wisdom video that i put out this week on FB

    I was also great to talk to Ed on Skype this week and love to talk to you to explain more.

    Thanks for your Good comment on my blog.


  7. Julie:

    what a timely post! This is just what I've been thinking about in my own life. A life that isn't organized is in chaos. Chaos is no one's friend. To feel free, productive, and confident usually takes planning and organization.

    Thank you for the Martha Stewart link. I will share it with my friends!

    To your online and offline success and happiness,


  8. Thank you Nicole. We have been clearing out our place for 4 years, most of it kids stuff. Now we are cleaning out our stuff which feels good. Feng Shui sounds interesting. I heard a little about that in the movie the secret. Due share what you learn.

  9. Thank you Theuns, Thank you for sharing and I saw your video, it was great.

    I have been learning a lot from many people from the TSA that has helped me along.

    I would love to learn more. Thank you.

  10. Thank you Deborah

    I find it funny how that happens when you are feeling challenged or going through something and not sure what to do next or you do but unsure of of taking the step and then you read something from another blog,comment or story and your answer/message shows up.

  11. I use to be much better with my organization.I am getting it back.Getting ready for my move has made me realize how unorganized my house has become.Many changes are in store when I move into my new house.It is a challenge but being organized makes everything work smoother.

  12. Yes sometimes i do feel overwhelmed with thing like building content for my blog and getting traffic for it. Off late i have been following an online training on how to do that in a systematic way using only 30 minutes a day. I should say i feel much less pressure of late

  13. Hey Julie, nice way to stay focused. Keeping things in order. Transformation radio seems like a great way to stay in shape while doing everyday activities. I've lost weight here the past 2 weeks or so with a new product I'm using and feeling better than ever before. I have been trying to stay healthy for the past few years and had some ups and downs. I still play sports so it feels good when you're energized for sure, guess I still have to clear out my closets. Don't you hate that part? Sorry, I don't think I can ever get used to that. Talk to you soon!

  14. I think a lot of women struggle with this same issue. I often clean out a closet when I'm trying to solve a problem. I think it helps in 2 ways.

    One is by distracting me from the issue so I can clear the way for intuition.

    The other is I think we don't spend enough time "in our bodies". And cleaning out our closets gets us in touch with our bodies.

    Thanks for the great reminder

  15. Hi Julie,
    In 2005 we moved into a smaller house, by choice, and I was aghast at the vast amounts of stuff I had. I realized that unless it was an heirloom, if it had been in a box for 5 years it was time to let go. We went through a major overhaul and the transformation was to a more streamlined life. Good luck on paring down.
    Carolyn from TSA

  16. Julie. Congrats on your commitment to organization. My wife has taught me the value of organization and how clearing out the clutter from my life will reduce stress. It really works!

  17. Julie,There are times when I get to feeling overwhelmed and unorganized. In fact I have a theory, and I call it "Joe's theory of piles" I tend to make neat little piles of stuff, and I guess it's my way of staying organized, but I guess it's probably a silly way for one to see any kind of organization.
    Sounds like you are on track to staying organized!
    Thanks for the great post! ~Joseph McDevitt

  18. Hi Julie,
    Funny that I should read your blog today. This morning Joanna and I were discussing the topic of paring things down somewhat in the house. We're both busy people and having been in the house for 10 years we're at the everything is full of 'stuff' stage. So this weekend we will start identifying the things which need to be thrown out and then the items which are worth giving away or selling. After that, if it doesn't have a proper place, it's outahere! I actually find clutter quite stressful.

    On the subject of weight, it's a tricky one. A lot of us are predisposed to getting heavier as we get older and personally I have to work pretty hard to stay in shape. It's amazing to me when I look at how little I eat compared to even just a few years ago and I do way more exercise. I'm never going to waste away overnight it seems :)

    Fortunately for me, I have a reasonable sense of self and I'm pretty happy in my own skin and I just accept that I do a lot to keep in shape and whilst we can always do more, you have to draw the line somewhere. Back to the thing about balance I guess.

    Good luck with your decluttering and one thing on weight I didn't mention - I 'cheat' a little in that I know if the goodies such as chocolate are there, I'm likely to indulge, so I just don't buy it. Doesn't exactly take much willpower but the end justifies the means!



  19. Julie,

    Your transparency is remarkable, and you are a great inspiration. I too suffer from clutter overload, and am totally overwhelmed by the disorder in my home. It really is a suffocating feeling, and seems like such a huge and time consuming project to tackle.

    I think you're right, when we get our homes in order we bring more order to our lives as a whole, especially if we work from home. I hadn't really considered this point and am grateful to you for putting it out there.

    It will be difficult to tear myself away from the many projects I have going on, but maybe if I devote half an hour a day to getting organized I'll be in a much better and more productive place in a month.

    On a side note, I'm wondering if you've read "Women, Food and God"? I don't remember the author's name but saw her on Oprah and was very impressed with her ideas about weight management.

    Thank you for this post, maybe soon I'll be able to tell you I've cleared the cobwebs from my home and my mind!

  20. Thank you Beverly. I Agree moving can really help get ride a lot of stuff and show you how much you really do not use that sits in boxes. The trick is if you can get ride of it. I found that with our last move four years ago and we are still getting ride of stuff. Have fun moving.

  21. Thank you Cobbin. Organization is a beautiful thing.

  22. Hello Rick, thank you and congratulations on the weight loss that is awesome. I am still working on mine everyday and enjoying the journey. I think clearing out the closets is always a great chore.

  23. Thank you Debbie. That is beautiful. You are right, we are always trying to do and be different or improve. Instead we should just enjoy every moment in life.

  24. Thank you Carolyn. Congratulation on your transformation. What a beautiful gift you have given yourself.

  25. Thank you Andrew, It's truly amazing how that happens. I get that a lot as well.

  26. Thank you so very much Kathy.

    I have not heard of that book. I will look it up for sure. I am really looking forward to seeing the movie Eat Pray Love. I hear it's a very good and helps us appreciate life more and give us the drive to experience more. Have you seen it yet?

  27. Hey Julie,

    You have inspired me to join the Transformation group. I saw your post on my blog and noticed the Body For Life email. I went through the BFL program and got in the best shape of my life about 4 years ago.

    I had been thinking about doing some type of 30 day challenge to really get some things accomplished and stay focused but then visited the Transformation site.

    Being that I know how great BFL is, I am looking forward to following Bill's new program.

    In Success,
    Howie Perks

  28. Hello Howie

    That is awesome. The transformation has been great in keeping me going. I have been up and down with it but not that school is back I am more of schedule. It's going to be a great fall/winter season.

  29. Hi Julie,
    Im' glad to connect with you through TSA. Your blog is visually stunning! I just wanted to hang out and keep looking at the pages. And then you grabbed me with your content.

    Yes! I get overwhelmed as well. It's so easy to get swept up by the emotion of our initial commitment to lasting change. But the real work is staying committed on the days when nobody is watching, you got cut off in traffic and you realize the world does not exist to fill all your needs. When I get stuck (overwhelmed) I find that stopping and asking myself what is the best use of my next 15 minutes helps. Then I realize I don't have to figure out my entire life, just the next 15 minutes. I hope you are having a POWERFFUL week!