Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Power of a orgainized Life

August 18th

Today I noticed that it has been just over two month since I started the dream project and where am I.

I spent some time looking back over all the times I have gained and lost weight and started really thinking about what is missing.

Why have I always gained back the weight over the years?

After spending time thinking, writing and talking my my husband (Ed Elliott) about what my challenges have been, I realized that my life is very busy and very un-organized as well as thinking about the positive and doing my affirmations. Looking around our house I have stuff everywhere. (Anyone who has kids will know some of that craziness). I realized I need to clear out the rooms and the closets and put some order into them and have the family work with me on the order of where things go so that we can have a cleaner easier home and lifestyle.

I spent some time on Martha Stewart site and found some great checklist to help me stay on track and add some order to our place.

I noticed until I get my house and life in order I am always going to be feeling overwhelmed. In the past I have been filling it with food and also with the new self help book or program and only getting 1/2 way through it and then I am on to the next things never feeling changed completely. I have learned a lot from many of the great people out there over the years and have changed a lot within myself. Except the one very important thing in my life. My Health. I need to make that an important in my life. I need to be healthy and fit so I can take care of my family and live the life we have dreamed of.

I am still following along with the Transformation group. which has been a blessing in my life. They have been keeping me going and always trying through out the year. I have stayed around the same weight for the past 10 years. I realized I need to really focus on making the change within.

What things are holding you back?

Do you feel overwhelmed as I do?

Do you need to clean out your house and rooms?

Join me in cleaning out our homes and organizing our life. Join me in this next journey to clarity

Post your pictures before and afters and please share the change this has made in your life.

Love always

Julie Elliott


  1. Julie~
    I believe with all my heart in the necessity of a clean, orderly living environment. I'm grateful to have attended an 'eight week (or was it twelve?) lifestyle organization class' called Patterns For Living. I took the class when my first children we preschoolers. The organization has followed me through 8 children and 15 years of Multiple Sclerosis - without it, I don't know how I would have survived! When I first started blogging, I intended to do what you're doing but I decided to pursue other things! I am VERY supportive of what you're doing and it will be fun to follow you in your success!

  2. Thank you very much Linda Grace. I working on clearing out the junk inside and out. That is great that you took a program on that, that sounds like fun. I should look into doing something like that here. WOW do you have 8 kids? If you have any suggestions I would love the advice. I only have one daughter so far. We hope to have more and any way I can make life more organized would be wonderful. Hope your having a wonderful day.

  3. feng shui all the way baby! our home and living environment is totally a reflection of what's going on internally with ourselves. when i am dealing with clutter i take a moment to look inward and recognize what else is going on in my head. great post!