Monday, April 26, 2010


It's another great Monday, the sun shinning it is warming up and the trees are blooming.

Over the past few days I had the chance to go to a Christan homeschooling convention and learn about everything that is out there and how people are doing things. I found it very interesting and sad in another.

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to hear a few very good speakers that really made you think and open your eyes to what is out there and what is going on in the world. I found most people there were very closed off and very scared by some of the stuff that what was being talked about. I found this is sad and there is so much to life that people are missing. I noticed many lacked the excitement and passion, there was a lot of serious faces. This made me think that we need to really show them how great life really is and the great abundance God what's to give us. to get out there and experience life and help others. I thought to myself that these great speakers had such an excitement and energy and passion for life, they get it why is it that so many were not. I said to myself (We can all have that and live that life to).

I spent some time listening to Louise L Hay's movie Heal your Life about Affirmations. I am taken back more and more about how we mess life up by what we think and say. So much of life is controlled by that.


Do your thoughts stop you from truly believe you can anything or do they stop you from taking action in your life.

I have noticed the power of Forgiveness is a big one in my life and in many peoples lives. Yes it can be very difficult and the EGO likes to be right and satisfied, but what does that do to us on the inside especially our minds. In Louise Hays book/movie they have shown how what you think and about and hold onto can create a lot of stress within our body's which is why we have so much disease and cancers today.

I feel we need to let go more and be free and forgive and truly live life with passion and love and have fun. Lots more fun. Getting outside and enjoy nature, go to the park with your kids, hiking. I find for our family included we spend far to much time with Computers, TV. Computer Games. We are starting to become numb to real life.

Right out some affirmations on cards you can carry around with you even wright out your favorite quotes. I have found this keeps my focus and my mind positive and on the goal and much more relaxed.

Read them out loud in front of a mirror, there is lots of power in speaking them aloud.

What makes you excited, what are the things that you are passionate about? write them out and make a step by step plan of action in accomplishing those things. Seek out others who have accomplished these things.

Write out a letter for yourself no one has to see it about who and what you need to forgive. If you no there is something you should but not sure exactly what it is, write down and ask yourself what is it you need to forgive This is very powerful

Love always
Julie Elliott

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