Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where is everyone going?

Today while I was driving to pick up my daughter and on the home I was shocked at how many time people would cut me off, glare at me and honk there horn because I stopped for traffic or a person Crossing.

I have noticed since we have Technology people have become busier and busier and people are driving way to fast and very aggressive. We live on a little street and I have watched people drive down going at least 80 if not higher. Rather scary when you have kids outside.

Where is everyone going in such a hurry. I would love to get out of my car and say something.

I find people need to learn Time Management and figure out what is really important in life, and slow down and pay attention to what is going on around them. I watch so many fill up there lives with so much stuff that they forget they have a family, kids or even friends. They are to busy working, busy learning, busy going hear and there casing every new thing out there.

It is very sad seeing how many time our Ambulance, Police and Air Ambulance has to run everyday because people are two busy not to pay attention. Is life really not that valuable? If we all slowed down and simplified our lives there would be less accidents.

Love always
Julie Elliott

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