Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I hope that everyone has enjoyed there great weekend, for all of us Canadians celebrating Canada day and all our American friends celebrating July 4th Independence day.

I have had a great weekend but a little to much fun of the food area, so much so my sugar level has gone off the charts and I am unable to eat any Carbs or sugar at all. I should not eat most of it as I have a sensitivity to wheat and I think Gluten as well. Most times I buy the products with out that. Over the past 4 days we have been out at BBQ's and Baseball games and yes I was eating the crap....... Why do I do that? Well I know why. Lack of planning.

I have learned how very important it is to plan ahead and make sure I have healthy choices like fruits and protein bars to come with me just in case, even better would be to eat ahead so I am not hungry.

My workouts have been sliding since my other ankle is messed up, I think it has something to do with my sugar being high. I have been doing a far amount of walking and swimming so I am not doing nothing and my weight has stayed the same (thank Goodness).

Tonight I started the 8 week boot-camp class at my daughter's dance school with a few others. It was a great class really kicked our butt's into gear. It's funny how when I do my own workout I think I am working hard until you do one of these classes. I was so inspired while watching my daughters Hip Hop class that I have decided to do the Adult Hip Hop class on Thursday night as well.

Thursday mornings I have a group meeting for accountability for our Transformation's in our life. Not everyone is doing the Transformation but I am going to share all I am doing and maybe they will join me. I was very excited today Bill Phillips new book Transformation came in today. to check it out.

I am also going to start training for the run in October in Denver Colorado with the Transformation crew. I will be in Salt Lake City days before it, so my husband and daughter thought it would be great to just fly over on the way home and help me complete another dream goal.

I will also be running a 5k not far from where I live with a few others from our Dream project group. It's going to be a busy and fun summer. I am praying my leg gets better this week so I am able to start walk/run training. I think it will all be indoors as our temperature this week are going to be 104 and higher this week. Who would have thought Canada could get so hot. Things sure are changing. I am so thankful that we have a pool.

Here is a great week ahead.

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. Hi Julie,

    I'm really excited for you and all of the plans you have, especially the 5ks. How awesome that will be when you are able to complete that! Don't let your holiday bump in the road keep you down. Just get back on the wagon and take off again. You are doing great. Enjoying the updates.

    Debbie Stevens

  2. Thank you so much Debbie. After last night's Boot Camp class I am feeling pumped and ready to go. I am feeling a the burn in my Abs today. All good.

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your day to day life. I am from Duluth, MN but I am living in Romania now for a year and it is always good to get a look at home. The video of your hip hop class looks like a lot of fun. Keep it up!

  4. Thank you Carolyn. That Hip Hop class if from last year, I will put up one for this year so everyone can see how much fun we are having and some laughs to.

  5. Julie,

    It's cool that you are willing to share with others when you fall a bit short of your goals as well as your plans and successes. Sounds like you have a lot of totally cool goals in mind for this year... so here's to the strength and determination to carry you through.

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  6. Thank you so much Pat and Lorna. We are only human and we all have our good and bad days and we need to share that with people. I find today most people do not share that part and it makes it hard for people to connect and feel that they to can do this to. We are loving it and having lots of fun. Tonight is the first Hip Hop class. YA Love ya

  7. Julie,
    Being so open and transparent is truly empowering you to move forward in leaps and bounds. Taking on the challenges and keeping track of your progress will clarify your direction so much.

    I applaud you and support you on your journey. Tell you what, I don't think I would take the challenge of a 5k run! You rock, Julie!
    Val :)

  8. Thanks Julie, As you know, fitness and nutrition is what I'm all about and I enjoy reading about peoples struggles and challenges and how they are setting the course to get back on track. Good luck with your ankle.

  9. Julie, Great post! I think it is inspiring that you have such an awareness about your health! I also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes it is difficult to make healthy food choices in the midst of our busy lives. Keep up the good work! Joseph McDevitt

  10. Hey Julie, its good to hear your written words. I've seen the videos on facebook that Ed has posted with you in 'em. I really encourage you to make a great life for yourself and put your "best foot forward" ... You can do it, girl. I'm with you all the way. God Bless, Curt

  11. Julie, thanks for sharing this with us, I took a look around your blog and it is very nice. I look forward to coming back and reading more of your content.


  12. Thank you Val so much your for your kind words and the reminder I need to start jogging. Thank you for sharing your dreams and goals with us and always inspiring us to keep going. Love ya

  13. Thank you Bill. Fitness and Eating healthy really are two very important keys to living a great life and feeling good. My passion is to live life to the fullest and experience as much as I can.

  14. Thank you Joseph. I find learning about the body and the mind so fascinating and helps me to grow and make better choice and to help others learn as well. I have noticed the difference in my workout when I do not eat well, I lose my energy. Pay to eat well.

  15. Thank you curt for your inspiring words and encouragement to keep moving forward. It's all or nothing. We are having fun and being Challenged to grow in way we never thought possible.

  16. Thank you Lori very much. I getting ready to make a new blog and I having fun learning all the great tools out there that everyone from the TSA has been sharing.