Friday, July 16, 2010

Are you ready to take a stand?

This past week has been exciting, challenging, emotional, and an amazing blessing. We are constantly going through changes in our life. Some we embrace with open arms and others we really struggle to get through.

Today a great friend Susan Davis from the TSA group shared her video with me today that was a blessing and an inspiration to me. As well as Avram Gonzales who both shared there dreams and there thoughts on life and where they have been and where they are going. Susan Davis

What greater service then to share your story and to know that, that may touch someones life, help someone and help them take there life to the next level. I am humbled and in awe today reflecting back on my life on how lucky we are and blessed we are to have to many great people in our life that support us and help us grow and continue to move forward in our journey. I was in tears listening to both of there post today.

Today Susan Davis shared with me a great song by Eminem called Not afraid. He talks about talking a stand and take my hand will walk this road together. His song really spoke to me as well, am I ready....Will I take the stand....and work together.


After going through this week and have seen so many amazing signs in the past two weeks and prayers have been answered it is a resounding YES.

I believe we were all called to walk this earth in greatness and to walk this earth with the amazing gifts God has given to us. We must let our light shine and help others do the same. One of our good Friends Chris Marsh shared today about everything we need is already inside of each one of us. we must believe it with our whole heart and soul.

Are you ready to leave the past?
Are you ready to move forward?
Are you ready to take a stand?
Come take our Hand and will walk this road together.

Love always
Julie Elliott


  1. write so well and it is quite beautiful to read someone count their blessings. I Too find this social media world full of remarkable individuals who are very supportive generally speaking. What great times we are living in.

  2. Thank you Rebecca

    Your right about Social Media. I have learned so much from everyone. Especially everyone for the TSA group. There is some really brilliant people as well as yourself out there. Have a wonderful weekend. Love ya

  3. Hi Julie

    What A grear Blog post , I agree with you to look at the thing that tune you on and make you feel good.

    If we keep on think and focus on the past we will never say thank you for all the good thing's we experiences to day.

    I just learn this week you word of today create tomorrow for you , so we need to say thank you for all the good we have to get more good to say thank you for.

    I love all your Posts thank's


  4. Yes this has been a wonderful group for all kinds of topics to assist your business. Thanks for a great post.


  5. Hi Julie,

    I want to take your hand and walk this road along with you. I could feel your passion here . . . and I am learning to believe that God has great things for me, too! I just wanted you to know that you inspire me! Thanks for sharing your journey with me.

    Debbie Stevens

  6. Thank you Theuns that really mans a lot.

    You are so right changing our focus and be thankful what what we have know and what is to come.

  7. Thank you Michael

    Hope your having a wonderful week.

  8. Thank you so much Debbie

    I am so thankful to everyone on here that keep coming back and checking on us to all the amazing comments and sharing there stories.

    This has really helped me stay focused on the change. I will say this past week has been a challenge but that is okay I need to go through that to get to the other side. Tomorrow is a new day.

    I am so thankful for the TSA group and also listening on the Crush-it group. Highlights to my week.

    Hope you are having an amazing week. Love ya

  9. Hey Julie. Thanks for just being who you are. I enjoy visiting your blog and seeing where your inspiration comes from.

  10. TSA & The whole Social Media thing has been a blessing. It is really amazing the things you learn. Keep up the good work

  11. Julie,
    It sounds like you have come through your challenges with flying colors! Thank you for sharing that great video. The message is wonderful. :)

    Every day is a new day to begin anew. Keep on, you're moving forward at the perfect pace.
    Val :)

  12. Hi Julie,

    You are right, that we all do benefit from sharing with each other, and by doing this, sometimes we share something that someone else is really needing to know about at that time. I totally feel this way about my association with TSA, I have learned so much & gained valuable friendships & associations :-)


  13. Thank you Nicole. I am surprised by the many things I learn along the way and thing that inspire to me each week as well. There is so much to learn.

  14. Thank you Bill

    I agree the TSA is a blessing.

  15. Thank you Val

    Yes I am coming through some of them. This past week I am going through some more and slowly letting go.

  16. Thank you Christine

    Amen to your comment. I am amazed at the power of the group and the wisdom and knowledge that is shared. I find it helps us get out there but also learn by leaps and bounds from others. Love it.

  17. Julie, You are truly an inspirational writer! This really is a great group of people, and it's a pleasure getting to know everyone. Thanks for the great post! Joseph McDevitt