Thursday, May 20, 2010


The past month has been rather crazy through out the world with violence and wars.

I am wondering to all people who go this route and support it and start protests. Does this really work?

Is getting out of control to make a point worth some Innocent peoples lives as well as homes?

For hundreds of years this has been going on and it has never solved anything. We still struggle with the same issues today from way back then. Many Governments think we need to fight back. What happened to building good relationships and having good communication, finding out why others feel they have to use such violence. We need teams of people going into speak to those who have such hatred for others or disagree with what is going on and talk and talk a lot so we can all work together to make things better. (If there is please let me know)

Yes we need to stand up for things but not in the ways I have been seeing on TV. It is very sad to see this going on, especially for our children to see. Can you imagine what they think about it. I am embarrassed by the world's actions.

EGO EGO EGO is always coming in to play. I find the people in charge today and this goes for everything to government to business where people do things so they can stroke there EGO and make them selves feel good. WRONG... We need leaders who have the bigger picture and love and passion to create and build great things together as a team. When you work together with other like minded people things work better.

That is another embarrassing thought is Parliament in many places in the world are scary. Watching it I feel like I am watching a group of kindergartners doing the whole he said/she said, and no one seems to think anything of it. Why is it people can not work together, find some common ground to work on. No wonder people are going crazy and sick of what is going on.

Our world is financially out of control yet all the people in charge are getting paid big bucks, I think they should all be cut back. way back until we can fix things.

Just venting.

PS. To all those who are going to protest in the Toronto area please do it peacefully and respect the city of Toronto and private business owners.

Love always
Julie Elliott

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